My letter to future Goers

I thought that I was done with studying. I was ready to put the books aside and just go. After all I am more of a learn on the job kind of person. I headed overseas ready for this 2 year adventure to begin. I won't have to worry about grades or assignments anymore. Wow, was I sadly mistaken. Actually let me rephrase that. I was gladly mistaken. I was so tired of sitting in class and trainings. I just wanted to be on the field. I was eager but little did I realize, God wasn't using the information I picked up sitting still but was developing in me a spirit of learning. If I could advise anyone on how to approach life it would be to embrace a lifestyle of learning. Become a lifelong learner! I am not only referring to information but learn about the people around you. Don't ever go into a situation thinking you have it figured out. Even if you are familiar with your setting. Familiarity destroys joy. I woul argue that comfort destroys joy. Look to go into moments with a learner heart. Experience every moment. Don't read about others' moments. Go and experience yourself. Go learn it for yourself. This next season for you as a Goer is going to bring things your way you could have never prepared for and I encourage you to walk in with a learners heart. Pure joy lies right on the other side of fear. Risk it and you will find intmacy with God you could have never imagined!!!