You Can Find Purpose in the Morning Without Coffee?

What Is My Purpose?

Do you see the man in the above picture? I wonder if he questioned the same thing. What is my purpose? I'd like to be honest. This has been the question on my mind lately. I heard God's calling and hopped on a plane to head to Berlin. Now I am sitting here in an IKEA (because of the free WIFI) asking this very question. It isn't that I regret coming or wish that I wasn't here but rather a question that I think we should all ask consistently throughout our lives. I think we should ask ourselves because of the reminder that we wake up everyday with a purpose. I get up early and ask what is my purpose and this very question encourages me. The point is that I find my purpose in the name of Jesus and even if things in life don't make sense I know that in Christ those senseless things finally make sense. So let me share one of those "things" that doesn't make sense.

Lets start with the German language. haha German language doesn't make sense but class is going great. It is a roller coaster ride. Some days you understand and others you feel upset that this language exists. However, recently in class I sat between two sweet ladies that boldly stated that they were muslim and catholic. They looked at me and asked what I was. This was one of those moments that seemed like ages in my head. I thought through the idea that if they can so easily say what they believe why has it been so difficult for those who believe in the name of Jesus? So I answered that I am a Christian and guess what...These women still smile and talk to me so kindly. Let me not forget that the day before I prayed for an opportunity to be transparent and bold. God provided for sure! Even though the language doesn't always make sense, in the name of Jesus there is purpose in those long hours of studying the crazy German language.