Hilton or Motel 6?

Home will always be deep in the heart of Texas for me but I have known that, since I was 17, I would be called to move and live in places of unknown qualities and discomfort. To me this meant living in places like along the Amazon River. I never thought this meant another first world country like Germany. You hear first world and you immediately think oh that transition won’t be too tough. That idea couldn’t be more false.

 I believe God prepared me since I was young to find home in the discomfort. My dad being a youth pastor sent us different places in the United States as well as overseas for mission trips and such. In my top 5 strengths, for a test we had to take before deployment, adaptability was up there. This isn't to brag or to make myself seem capable of the things most people aren't. Truth is I would rather find a permanent residency and have a comfortable life. However, as I have relocated across the pond to Germany I find myself having to make my home in the discomfort. This might burst your bubble but I believe we aren't called, as followers of Christ, to seek comfort but rather to understand contentment in discomfort. When you stay in a hotel or in someone else’s home you can try hard to be comfortable. In fact, you can achieve some level of comfort. However, you will always find yourself desiring more comfort that will never arrive.

As followers of Christ we are mere sojourners passing through. So yes, I write this because I haven't found comfort here in Germany. As cool as it is to be here, comfort alludes me. As I type this I don't even have permanent housing here and am looking daily. This might seem like a venting blog but it isn’t. It is a blog of gratitude and joy! I am left asking one question...."If this isn't home, what am I doing here?" You and me have a purpose as all do who " go visiting". For some the purpose is to just have a good time and sight see. For believers, it is to shed light on the purpose that many don't see (Ignorance isn't so bliss I guess) and there is no better reason to "go visiting". Humans cannot find more fulfillment than in "visiting" with this purpose.  

For now, I am in Germany and I couldn’t be more content with being uncomfortable and away from Whataburger. I can waste my time trying to find the highest level of comfort possible here but I know that I will fail. I rather be uncomfortable with a purpose than comfortable not knowing my purpose. Really who is in more danger...the persecuted or the comfortable? I choose to find my comfort only in the name of Jesus and to share this fulfillment with as many as possible as I pass through. Thank You, Lord my Savior for the purpose You give us!!