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Chapter 7: "This is the Truth"

Posted on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

This woman's younger brother had a dream in which he was walking through his village with the Word of God, saying, "This is the truth!" Also, her's father and uncle have been constantly listening to their mp3 players with audio Bible stories, and another relative recently came and offered money to buy their mp3 players so he could listen too, but they refused. They were given another mp3 player just for the relative. Praise God for bringing His Word to this family and their desire to be in His Word. Ask for a movement in this village.

Local House of Pr: God has been doing some amazing things in our expat house of PR! This is certainly exciting because prayer has been the center of understanding God’s plans and vision for this country. This house of PR was established about 4 years ago, and many workers have said they saw very little fruit before that. Since the establishment, God has transformed lives and communities, there has been an progress in getting movements started, and many different ministries finally seeing fruit. Continue to pray for urgency in our community to pray with the likeness of His heart and eyes.  We have also recently started the process of raising up a local house of PR! Ask God for guidance and more people to catch the vision.

Sports Club: Early in the month I met a local student name “Frank” at Sports Club. I've sat down with our mutual friend and shared the Good News of Jesus. However, in the end, he simply said "I cannot receive this. Because I’m a cousin, I’m gonna die as a cousin." So, since then, my national partner and I have been praying for him. For Frank, he always stayed and was engaged in discovery bible studies. One day, I found out from another expat that Frank is a very 'strong' cousin. Hearing that, I felt fear just thinking about potentially sharing with him. On the other hand, it also made me want to talk to him more. Fast forward 3 weeks, when one evening after the bible study, he decided to walk with me towards my house. While walking home, I asked deeper questions regarding the study we just did. He answered and we continued our conversation until we got to my house. Then, he turned to me and mentioned how he and I are different because "You worship 3 Gods and we only worship 1 God." I let him finish his part and corrected him. Apparently, he misunderstood what that other expat was telling him and took Trinity as 3 different Gods. This caused him to be very turned off about Jesus and Xtians. As I asked more questions, I realized his ideas about Jesus was so distorted from his one conversation and drew him away from even engaging in a conversation about Jesus. I told him exactly what it meant and why it's important. As I shared about the Trinity and why Jesus in that relationship is essential for all of us, I got to witness his heart becoming more open. As I continue to meet with him, ask God to block any lies he's believing and for Truth to enter his heart.

Gift of Tongue: I have been reading this book called "Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room" by Hagin and God has revealed so many things that He wants to unlock in my life and ministry through praying in the Holy Spirit. He is also highlighting how much prayer is linked to seeing movements. One of my favorite lines from the book is "He can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks Him to do it."

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