Chapter 5: Revelations

Answered Prayers:

  • Thank God for the month of December and God’s heart to bring refreshment and Sabbath for our me and the whole community here. It was a powerful & joyful season.

Conference: We hosted a team from SoCal Supernatural School of Ministry in the beginning of the month and WOW, it was amazing as they taught a lot about identity. They went to villages and prayed and much experienced healing and even open vision of Jesus. It was during one of the worship sessions where they were praying for the spirit of tongue. For awhile I’ve been reading and praying for it and the moment when I received prayer, I felt the Spirit over me. Praise God for an opportunity like this and God’s goodness for His children.

Praying for healing: Prior to going to a village, I saw a vision of a man wearing red with foot and back pain for most of his life. Once we arrived at the village and were working on the water project, we saw a man in red limping as he was passing by. I caught up with him and asked him about his pain and prayed for him. The first time, I felt my hands warming up however he didn’t feel it. (It could be the 4 layers he was wearing) I prayed for him once again and felt my hand get even hotter. He felt a little sense of relief but not completely. After I walked around with him for 1.5 hours and shared about the difference between Truth and Jesus. Pray that Lord will bring complete healing for him.


I met with the same student, Dina, that I shared about last month and did another DBS study. By this time, one of the challenges with her has been getting her to find other people and share the stories and ask questions herself. However, I found out pretty late that for the previous 3 weeks prior to this meeting, she has been sharing and doing a study with her sister! About a month before this meeting, she shared with me about an argument she had with her sister regarding expectations in relationships. She was struggling to fix her relationship with her sister. After we did a study back then and I shared with her some words, she was encouraged to reconcile her relationship, but also to share the passage with her and ask her follow-up questions. This is a huge answer to one my prayers! Praise God.

So, when we met this time, at the end of our study, I felt led to invite her into the presence of God and ask her to listen to God's voice. I asked her to ask the question, "What do You (God) love about me?" After 2 minutes of listening, she shared how God loves her heart and love for her parents. That she was a great daughter and sister. Once again, I was very happy for her that she heard God's voice and she couldn't help but smile in God's goodness. Praise God & continue to pray for more boldness and truth to be revealed in her life.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Ask God to raise up a prayer movement and a disciple making movement in Artesia. In particular for more opportunities for locals to encounter Jesus through dreams and visions.
  2. Pray for Sports Club as some of the leaders are losing motivation. Pray for more serving hearts and desire to invite others. We are currently asking God what we need to do to raise up more permanent and serving leaders.