Chapter 3: Invitations

Answered Prayers:

  • The two men who approached our team in the village now are basically our friends now! One of our national partners has an amazing gift of being a people person. The two guys invited them to go hunting with them and to have meals with them. Praise God for His favor. Thank you for praying!
  • The faith and boldness that Jala has been given is truly a blessing. Despite what happened last month, she continues to go and share boldly. Please continue to lift her up as God has been using her to reach people far and wide.

Sports Club - Sports Club has been such a blessing and fruitful that we had to start another evening to keep it rolling! Now, we are meeting two evenings a week; my national partner and I lead the first one and a local brother is leading the second one. Please continue to pray for Spirit of wisdom and revelation as we share The Word with these students.  

Room 4 Pr - Our community has been preparing for some major training that will be happening here. DMM training will be happening soon and a lot of preparation will have to go into it. With about 40 people attending from all over CA, we need a lot of prayer. Please ask God for security, logistics, trainees, trainers, and overall training.

Training Locals - Our team has been training a group of young local believers in hearing God’s voice and practicing prophesy. This is a whole new topic for them and is very counter-cultural, but to see each of them practice hearing God’s voice, getting word for each other, and resonating with them were very encouraging. God is continuing His word in those youth kids who are seeking Him. Ask God that these young students will have personal encounters with the Spirit.

- It has been 3 months since one of our national partners and I started the sports club ministry and we have seen an amazing weekly progress. I invited one of my friends, Phil, from school who is a teacher to soccer one week. I have sat down with him before and talked about The Holy Book and couple verses, but never got the opportunity to have any deeper conversations. So, I intentionally spent the free time sitting with him and hearing about His life. We bonded well and during the bible study time at the end, I put him in my group to see his engagement and understanding of The Word. We talked about Matthew 6:22 and I got to see Phil not only give his input but show depth in his understanding. When asked what he understood about the verse, he shared that the darkness that surrounds us in this world and we are called to be good and light to this world. When asked what he will change from this reading and who he will share it to, he said that he will do one obvious good work for his students and share this passage with them. His answer was a surprise because many people struggle to think of someone to share it to. Without hesitance, he felt touched by the reading that he really wanted to pass it on to his students. I will be following up with him and asking potentially starting a group himself. Pray that God's Word will touch in areas in his life he needs The Gospel. And also pray that He will draw those students to listen and hear the Word of God.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Ask God to raise up a prayer movement and a disciple making movement in Artesia. In particular, pray that people would be hungry for the Word of God and that when they read it or listen to it, that they would share it with their friends.
  2. Ask God for protection, favor, and movement in the future events for Room 4 Pr. It’ll be a busy season as we give training and host many events.