Chapter 2: Satisfy

Answered Prayers:

  • There has been substantial forward progress with sports club! More leaders getting equipped and the club increasing week by week. Thank you for remembering to pray the sports club.
  • We have seen an increase in corporate prayer at Room 4 Pr and have been witnessing God’s hand move. Praise the Lord for putting more desire and urgency for prayer.

- At a village, Jala told our team a story of the children who had been experiencing spiritual oppression. It turns out that two children were radically delivered from psychological/demonic problems and received Jesus through her ministry. Their mother now wants to receive Christ as well because of what she has seen in her children. Jala is planning on starting a home group in their house. Ask God for continued deliverance and freedom for this family, and that they would be able to start consistently meeting. Jala, after that, has led two more people to Christ, and she continues to boldly share her faith. Sometime after, she was shut down by somebody from her local fellowship with regards to discipleship. The man came and criticized her before the people that she had led to the Lord, saying, "What can you offer these people? You just came to know the Lord." She was severely disappointed and shamed by this man. Pray that she would not be discouraged, but that she would continue to share her faith and would start new groups.

- Months ago, I have started co-leading our Room for PR. One of my biggest responsibilities is mobilizing prayer and worship leaders, which consists of meeting with workers and envisioning God's desire to see an increase in personal and corporate prayer. Since I have started co-leading, God has moved in amazing ways in peoples’ hearts by putting more urgency and desire for a prayer movement. In the summer at R4P, there was an average of 3 hours of prayer every week, but God has shown great work as it went up to 11 hours of prayer every week. Praise the Lord for the work He is doing at R4P and ask God for continual increase in personal and corporate prayer.

- One of our national partners and I have started going to a children’s hospital weekly to play and pray for healing for the kids and their parents. It has been about 2 months since we started and every week, it has been encouraging for us to see the parents play with their children and share moments of laughter during an arduous time. Many mothers came and received prayer in J name. No signs of healing, but we know that our Healing God is working in that place. Pray that God will show His mighty healing power to those kids and parents.

- We had a night of worship, prayer, and training about prophets & prophesy with a group of local youth believers. It was a huge encouragement as we were sharing words we received from the Lord for each other. For couple of them, it was difficult to hear His voice so we are encouraging them to 1. Practice asking and listening to God’s voice by asking “What do you love and find pleasing about me?” and 2. By asking the same question for another person and sharing with them. Pray that the Lord with equipt and raise up more prophets, young and old, in this nation.

- This last month, I got introduced to young woman who wanted to learn English. Our first lesson, we sat down and I began to ask her questions about her life. Our conversation led to sharing about our family and she began to tell me about her struggles in her past. She got married at a very young age after an arranged marriage. 2 months after she got divorced and have been looked down upon by her family and friends. Currently, she struggles with loneliness as she does not have any close friends. Out of this conversation, we began to think about our faith and where we have hope in. She identified herself with Cousinism only because of her parents. She does not practice herself and this was a great opportunity for me to share my faith and my testimony. The entire time, she attentively listened as I referenced couple passages. She appreciated everything that was shared and as we left the meeting, I challenged her to read the Word. We parted ways and a day after, she texted me and asked me if I can give her a copy of the whole Bible. I happily agreed and gave it to her. I was truly moved by the way God was in our conversations and the way He was moving in her heart. I introduced her to one of my female friends and we hope to study with her together. Pray that God will continue to speak to her and that she will encounter Jesus.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Ask God to raise up a prayer movement and a disciple-making movement in Artesia. In particular, (1) pray for God to raise up local expressions of prayer and worship in village contexts. (2) Find leaders of prayer and leaders of disciple-making.
  2. While our team was visiting a new village, they were approached by two men in uniform. They talked rudely to us, and threatened us and said that they needed to have a representative from the local authorities with them whenever they are on a project. Obviously, this could severely limit our ability to be effective. Ask God to free us from this unnecessary burden, that we would establish a good relationship with them and that trust could be built. Pray for wisdom in what we do but for protection for our visa, our NGO, and our national partners.
  3. We are in the processing of developing tools for discipleship, including Scripture lists for new followers of Jesus to read and use in personal study and in groups. Pray that God would give us wisdom and that he would direct us as we create these materials.
  4. One of our national partners, Sher, has started a sports club in order to do DBSes with people after playing sports with them. Pray for God to pour out favor on this club and for many people to come who don't know the Lord.