Chapter 1: Hungry

Answered Prayers:

- Our team spent the night at Carl's house one week and did a discovery book study. It was amazing to see the way he and his friend engage the Word. Carl exclaimed at one point, "We can't just have these be stories, we must believe them and fulfill what they say." He was specifically referring to Jesus' sacrifice at that point. Carl is still very much in the midst of Cousinism, as he is a leader in the local mosque. Pray that God will open up his heart and that he will be freed from things that are keeping him from complete commitment to Jesus.

- Water projects are still moving forward as planned. Praise God for villagers hard at work, doing all the labor necessary to bring water to their villages.

- My teacher’s shoulder has been almost fully healed. Praise God.

- I have been having amazing opportunities to share The Gospel to students. The relationships I have made through English lessons and playing sports together have been so fruitful. There are two particular students currently who are reading and searching The Truth.


- Prayer is one of the biggest tools we have here and I have been able to see God move in incredible measures. Local students are practicing and coming to training about prophecy and hearing from The Spirit. God is sending more workers who have hearts for prayer movement into the harvest. Our House for Prayer has been growing from just 2 hours of prayer per week during the summer to 5.5 hours per week. Very little happens without His people crying out for a movement and work of His hands. Pray that God will plant more prayerful hearts into this country through local believers and His church. 

- Our first month of sports ministry club has been a great success. Ranging from as little as 10 to as much as 23 students, we have been gathering every week to play a different sport. Before playing, we have been meeting with many young students to disciple them and build them up as leaders. We had opportunities to share about Jesus to several students and they have been actively participating in the sports club. We play a sport for 1.5 hours and the remaining 30 minutes, we do discovery bible studies with the students. Several non-believing students have shown great response by showing deep understanding and replies. Many students here are not challenged as they should be intellectually and especially spiritually. For most of them, they define themselves with Cousinism simply because their parents are. Ask God to use this sports club to touch and move the hearts of the students here. Pray for a huge breakthrough in the young generation and more leaders to be raised up.

- It has been over a month since one of our national partners and I have started our sports ministry. Every week, we play a new sport which means there are almost always new students coming every week. On our second week, I invited one of my good local friends, Max, who I met from ultimate frisbee. I taught him how to play frisbee and one of the great things about his personality was that he was very teachable. Each week, we start by splitting into couples and sharing some difficulties and things we were thankful for the week before. Then we play sports for about 1.5 hours and lastly, end the evening by doing a bible study together. During the bible study, we splitted into 3 groups of 4 people and my friend was in my group. After we read the Word, he showed great understanding. Max was able to rephrase the passage in his one words and explain to us. Another boy in our group was quite young and he struggled to explain his understanding and thoughts. At this time, Max stepped in and not only tried to explain the passage to help the boy understand, but was even asking questions himself. This was a great sign for me to witness because I knew the next step for Max was to study the Word together. This sports club has opened up many opportunities for conversations and uplifting. Pray for increase in attendance, increase in number of conversations, and increase in desire for His Word.

- During one of the team meetings, all my team members gave me some words they received from God. “God wants to bless you with more wisdom and knowledge.” “You are in the season of learning.””I see a basket of fruits in front of you as a gift from God to you.”They were all truly powerful words from God. Currently, I am in the season of discerning what will come after my 2 years of service is finished. At the moment, I believe the words I am hearing from God are “Be equipped.” I believe that God is inviting me to go into Seminary after this journey and be more equipped. Ask God for clarity in terms of where and what to study. Also, pray for Spirit to move in my father’s heart when I deliver this news for I am quite nervous.

Prayer Request

  1. Ask God to raise up a prayer movement and a disciple-making movement in Artesia. In particular, pray for multiplication, that God would multiply disciples so that we would see third, fourth, and fifth generation followers of Jesus.
  2. Pray for the sports club as we are struggling to see open doors in the villages. Ask God to show us open doors to use this sports club in furthering His Kingdom and Word.
  3. Pray for the village of Baka. There has been a significant conflict related to this water project. As a result, somebody went to the water cistern and vandalized the pipes coming out of it. Ask God for justice to be served and that they could build a system that would be harder to tamper with.