Answered Prayers:

  • Carl continues to engage with the Word even on his own. He took an mp3 player that we gave him and put it in the local mosque, where he played two creation stories and one story about Cain and Abel. Our national partners encouraged him to ask people two questions so that they will also engage with the stories: "What did you understand?" and "What are you going to do as a result of listening to this story?" Continue to pray that God will use the Word like leaven in this mosque.

  • Two villages have started digging for our water projects. Praise the Lord. Ask God that the village leaders would effectively motivate people to do the work needed to complete these projects.

- One of biggest things the Lord desires is a movement of prayer in this country. We are starting a monthly, overnight prayer event with our local brothers in order to see intercession in their native tongue. This past month, our national partner Sher gathered twenty local Artesian young people last night for a overnight prayer. It was amazing to be gathered together and see both young and old believing brothers crying out to God for their country at 2:30 AM. Pray for this group of young people, that they would be given an increased burden for prayer and reaching out to others.

- Personally, I have been struggling with being more bold when it comes to sharing more stories and telling the Gospel. This month, God has reminded me of the rewards of being bold and confident. When I step out in faith and with confidence, there is no failure in Him. I am truly growing in my management and goal setting that all have been playing a huge role in having spiritual conversations.

For about a week, every time I went to my language lesson, my teacher held and massaged her left shoulder and told me how much pain she was in. I knew my role was to pray for her, but the fear of messing up certain words and praying in J’s name held me back every time. At the end of the week, I mustered up every bit of confidence and ended up doing a mini discovery bible study with her. At the end, I also prayed for her left shoulder in J’s name. After praying for her, she said it felt slightly better. Praise God for giving me the boldness. It may have taken a year to pray out loud in their language, but I pray that I will keep walking and sharing with confidence and boldness.

- One of the national partners and I are starting a sports club for youth and young adults in the villages and city. With one of our commonalities being outdoor activities and sports, we decided to use this opportunity every week to gather people in the villages and the city to start bible studies and also encourage a healthy spiritual and physical lifestyle in a safe and enjoyable environment for students. For far, it has been a lot of planning, invitations, and meeting with local believing students. The official sports club will start in August. Pray that God will open up many hearts and opportunities for the gospel to go forth in the young students’ lives.  

One of the biggest things the Lord has been speaking to me about is leadership. We are all leaders in some aspect. We had a leadership training here for both expat and local community. The Lord wants to raise up more leaders here and worldwide. Pray that God will continue to raise up new leaders, local and expats, and that our King Jesus will be our model.

Prayer Request

  1. Ask God to raise up a prayer movement and a disciple making movement in Artesia. In particular, ask that God would give many open doors for the gospel to go forth.
  2. Pray that our national partner and I can use the sports club to reach the lives of students. That His Word will be heard and spread among their hearts.