2 PR's (PRaises & PRayers)

Answered Prayers:

  1. In the last week of Ramadan, we hosted an event to end this season of prayer and fasting with power all together. Our community came together to lift up the hearts of people across the world who do not know the Truth. To start the event, the room was packed with about 25 people praying for countries across the world. Out of that, 12 of us stayed to pray overnight until morning. Praise the Lord for putting more burden for prayer in the hearts of our community.
  2. We’re seeing more locals come out and have the prayerful heart towards this country. Hallelujah!
  3. We went to visit the husband of the lady whose leg was healed. We shared a story with him and prayed for his physical health (he also has pain all over his body). He felt some relief. Pray for complete healing and that they would be interested in the Word.
  • We prayed again for her daughter who is in a wheel chair. As we were praying, she said that her hand was getting super hot. This didn't manifest in her body in terms of being able to do any more movement than normal, but we were encouraged that God was listening to our prayers. Martha's daughter also shared a testimony of asking for help in Jesus' name. After she prayed, the next day people from the government came to her house to give her food and said that they found a letter that Martha had had submitted months before and were now responding to it. She was encouraged by Jesus answering her prayer. Continue to pray for her complete deliverance and physical healing.
  • Our team went to Carl's village and prayed for the assistant head of the village's father. He is mostly deaf. As we prayed for him, his hearing was restored to eighty percent! "I can hear the sound of the river. I can understand you!" he exclaimed. Carl came later and was amazed at what God had done. Pray that God would open up a door for the right people to participate in a study with Carl. This rumor has spread around the village about the healing of Bobo's ear. We went back and he said that it was 60 to 70 percent better. We prayed again and he said that it got even better when we prayed. Continue to ask God for full healing. We shared with them stories about how Jesus heals. Ask God to use the Word to impact their hearts.
  • As I went home, I felt a huge sense of joy but uncertainty with how my family was doing on a deep level, especially my parents. From the beginning, conversing with my father was a rough start. Just arriving home, he showed very little emotions since that’s how he conveys disappointment. However, as more time passed, we were able to have more conversations, but I always found at a dead-end whenever he switched the topic. The last night before I left home, I was able to sit down and have a full meaningful conversation with him. My father had the opportunity to hear that this path I am pursuing is God's path for me and that I am solely obeying. My father sat there with his head down as he listened. I did not plan on having this kind of conversation once I was home, for I thought anything along this topic would only turn him off more. Although those 2 weeks at home were very mentally exhausting, I knew that God was working in my father's heart. One step at a time, opening up his heart more and more. While I was home, I was able to see my father's daily pain and hurt, my step-mother’s spiritual and emotional exhaustion at home. And seeing that reminded me I need to pray more with faith so my father and my family will find rest in Him. There are a lot of reconciliation that the Lord wants to do in my family and as I was home, I saw God's heart for my family grow bigger, yet ache harder. Pray for spiritual renewal for my step-mother, an undoubtable encounter for my father, and Jesus to invade every relationship in my family that needs reconciliation.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Ask God to raise up a prayer movement and a disciple making movement in Artesia. In particular, pray for more workers to be sent out into the harvest.
  2. Let’s pray that God will continue to build up more local and expat leaders in prayers and catch this vision of prayer movement.
  3. Pray for the the ongoing constructions on three water projects. Praise the Lord for His provision. Continue to ask God for effective and efficient management of the projects. Also, that God will send more people to work together with.

“Let the praises arise from the lips Your children

Let the praises arise from the lips of Your people

Let the praises arise from all of Your creation

Let them rise! Let them rise!”