"Open Up The Doors"

Answered Prayers:

- March’s overnight prayer was powerful with the Lord speaking to us about being filled with His Spirit and His work being done here quicker than we expect.

- One family has been granted a year visa! Praise God. Thank you for your prayers.

Reflecting back

It is almost May, which means that it’s been almost a year since I arrived. A year full of trials, transitions, and so many unforgettable lessons. There has been a lot of personal spiritual growth from gaining wisdom to putting spiritual gifts in action. What I used to think was “too long of a sacrifice”, now I can’t help but think that a 2-year commitment is not enough time to see long-term fruit. I thank God for his provisions and gracious love for me every moment of the way. Pray that God shows and works significantly faster and more in year 2.

Transitioning into Ministry

Going into May, I fear that I will not meet the expectations put on me. Upon reflection and prayer, I have thought about the expectation my leader/team/home church/partners/sending org. might have on me. And how those expectations may clash with what I believe God is asking me to invest into this season. "Do others expect me to invest 100% of my time to the unreached?” This month has been a time of discerning, praying, and visioning what year 2 will look like. Which areas do I invest in? Where do I actually want to invest in? What are others asking me to do? However, above all, the ultimate question is WHAT IS GOD’S WILL FOR ME & WHAT DOES HE WANT ME TO DO IN YEAR 2? Pray that I will listen & obey to what He asks me to do and not to listen to voices of others.    

Short-Term Team (STT) & Supernatural School of Ministry (SSM)

Unfortunately, plug had to be pulled on STT for this summer after several contacts with couple fellowships. They were not able to form a team. However, a team from SSM is planning on coming for training in couple of months. I will continue to prepare for necessary steps for  future STT opportunities. Pray for wisdom and more people to see the need for workers in Artesia.

Korean-Speaking Local Students

Toward the end of the month, something interesting has been happening. Around my neighborhood, I have been approached by many local students who speak Korean pretty well, wanting to learn English. Three different students on two separate occasions have approached me. From the beginning, there was a different atmosphere with these students as they understood the Korean culture. I feel that the Lord is giving me another network to connect with. I will be following up with those students soon. Pray for wisdom as I meet with those three students and for ways to get connected.


With the student that I am currently doing a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) with, this month we met for the third time and when I invited him over to my place, he quickly said yes. Once he came over, I set the table and had a small catch-up. After that, I pulled to the passage that we were going to read. I explained to him the context of the passage and I asked him to start reading. After reading each verse very clearly and slowly, he stopped and thought (which, I think he was trying to understand what he just read). Then, he explained the verse in his own words. He did this verse-by-verse. The whole time, he read and put it in his own words in own language. I was impressed by his understanding and desire to read. After we reached the end of our session, he asked me, "That's it?" as if one chapter wasn't enough. I told him how we will read and study one passage per week. However, I still did get the sense that he wanted to read more so I told him that we can go back to the last two passages we've read and go over them. He excitedly responded with a yes and started reading as soon as I turned to the passages. We read and studies the Word for another hour. When we got to the sharing question, "who can you share this passage to this week?" he went blank and couldn't think of anyone else. I mentioned of his roommates and dormmates and he felt very uncomfortable bringing up about a topic they almost never talk about - faith - to his closest friends. I sensed a bit of fear of judgment so I just challenged him to bring up a part of the passage to one of his friends. He accepted the challenge and we reached the end of our time. Afterwards, as I was praying for him and his boldness to share, I was asking God to show me some other ways that can help him get more courage. Couple days later, God answered my prayer by having my path cross one of his close dormmates 3 times and I got to talk to him. I am hoping that that encounter with his dormmate will help him because I think he feels the sense that he is against all of his friends. Continue to pray for his open heart and steps forward with sharing.

Prayer Requests

  1. Ask God to raise up a prayer movement and a disciple making movement in Artesia. In particular, pray for more workers to be sent out into the harvest. Many families are leaving for furlough or even because of Visa problems.
  2. Please continue to lift up Visas in Artesia as many workers are struggling to stay and renew their visas.
  3. After April overnight prayer, I sensed the word, "Fullness." This sense of Spirit coming with full momentum and unfolding His plans… Pray that there will be a wave of breakthrough soon.
  4. Pray for my transition into ministry season and God to reveal His plans for me.