Year of Betas

Answered Prayers:

  • My teacher Raj has been doing a lot better. Her mood has been better, less anxiety when talking about family, and more at peace.
  • After prayers about PoP’s, my leader met this one local who had a life-changing dream encountering love of Jsus and now, he is reading and understands the vision of DMM, he is asking and wanting to be used to share The Gospel in his village! Praise God! 

Year of 2017 will be about trying new things and also the year of failing. My team leader and I are currently in conversation about potential projects for the summer from hosting a STT (Short-Term Team) and/or another ministry come for training. However, with these still in early stages and nothing certain, we pray that these projects and plans be aligned in His Will and Kingdom.

There is this one maintenance worker, Farh, in my building who needed some work so I have helped him in couple ways by his help around my house. He seems to appreciate me and our relationship. I plan to invite him over for a meal and to share some stories with him. Pray that this relationship will continue to grow and for Spirit to open his heart for The Word.

I met a guy, Zok, manager of a market and he wants to learn English awhile back and I have been meeting up with him regularly back then, but stopped because it was quite hard connecting with him on a spiritual conversation level. However, this month, we have started meeting again and although, he is a strong Muslim, he seems to be more receptive of The Word. Ask God to continue working in his heart through our meetings/lessons/sharings and even for more understanding and revelation of The Word for Zok.  

For about a week or so, I’ve felt God speak to me about fasting and praying. I’ve just waited for the right timing. On the 6th, I had a team meeting where my leader mentioned to me about his 40-day fast and that was the clear sign to me. I decided to go on a 21-day juice fast the last 3 weeks of February and focus those times on lifting up for personal and project breakthrough. At the end of the fast, I felt that God have given me more of a true prayerful heart, approaching every situation prayerfully and came out from the fast with a greater heart for a prayer movement in Artesia. This first multi-week fast was more about positioning of my heart. From this, join me in partaking in IHOP’s Global Bridegroom Fast ( Pray for a lifestyle of fasting and prayer and the repositioning of my heart when I fast asking God for faith in specific areas.  

Prayer Requests:

  1. Ask God to raise up a prayer movement and a disciple making movement in Artesia. In particular, pray for more workers to be sent out into the harvest.
  2. Ask God to raise up more persons of peace to catch the vision of DMM in Artesia.
  3. Please continue to lift up Visas in Artesia as many workers are struggling to stay and renew their visas.