Counting Failures

Answered Prayers:

- Prayer has been huge daily and I see that the more I pray, Father is giving me even more heart and vision for prayer movement in Artesia. Spirit come!

- In this season of transition and summer coming, many workers are leaving for furlough, however, we are noticing that Father is bringing back or sending more workers in the field! Thank you for praying for workers being sent out into the harvest in Artesia.

We got a new team member! She’s a recent grad from California with Engineering background hoping to work for future water projects in the villages. Lift her transitions (moving, language, cultural) and for protection.

I met up with Farh, the maintenance guy, to share with him a story, but he repeatedly interrupted me whenever I tried sharing with him about Jss. Multiple times, he brought up about his prophet Muhammad. His faith is solely from what he’s heard from others. He told me that he does not read and he has not read his book fully. So, when I told him about the importance of reading The Holy Book, he made up reasons why he doesn’t. This was definitely a step forward but pray for an encounter with Jss for Farh and that The Word will draw him closer to Father. (Read more in details below!)

My leader met with a student named Muha, who was working at a nearby supermarket, a little over a month ago and shared with him The Gospel. Last year, my leader has a word of prophesy for him and that drew a lot of interest from him. Muha is actually a friend of mine that I met last year at the same supermarket. We lost contact and now, we reconnected. He wants to learn English, he is very open to reading The Word and is now in a DBS (Discovery Bible Study) with me. Pray for Muha and his open-heart that our Father will speak to him during those studies and for Spirit to move in his heart.  

Every month I get an exciting opportunity to lead or assist expats’ youth kids into an event. This month was a overnight event out of town with games, bonfire, movie, and hiking. Pretty safe to say the fun comes easily for me when I’m with youth, but after reflection, I thought to myself how God is using this part of my heart (for the youth) and building me up at the moment. I see that Father is still giving me opportunities to do what He gave me the heart to do. Praise our Father for His goodness, giving His children great gifts and ways to use those gifts.

Beginning of this month, there was a short training for workers here who have a vision for DMM. Workers from cities and regions in Artesia gathered and shared stories of workings of our Father currently. There were intercession and discussion of how we can push DMM forward and see more multiplication come about. From the capital city to the borders of U-stan, Father is definitely working and reaching people across the country. Through supernatural works, Father is giving Jss-encounters to many. Pray that more locals will be drawn to His Word and Father will raise up even MORE locals in these invitations into His family.  (The picture above is of at the end of our hike).


One of the surprising relationships I have been able to maintain as I moved to this new apartment is with one of the workers in my building. I see him almost every day and everywhere. One day I saw him outside and just felt the Spirit lead me to invite him. He accepted and came over right away. I prepared some snacks and coffee for him and as we sat around the table, I began to start a casual conversation. Without much effort, he openly shared about the hardships of his life and work as he currently lives away from his family. Just as I got the chance to speak, I told him that there is a story I would love to tell him about one of Jesus' teachings. He seemed glad as he accepted to listen to the story but we were suddenly interrupted by a call. He told me he'll be back and to tell him the story then. After he left, I began to pray that Spirit will lead and for an encounter with Farh. Once he came back, I shared one of Jss’ teaching and while he listened well at first, he kept pausing and interrupting me in my mid-sentence and kept bringing up his beliefs and different stories about Muhammad. This happened multiple times and I was honestly losing a little patience. I wasn't sure if he was not interested and was trying to change the topic or he just didn't realize I still had not finished what I wanted to share. What I intended to be a friendly and fruitful conversation came out to be 2 hours of back and forth discussing about the difference of Jss and prophet Muhammad. Not that it wasn't fruitful, but I think I might have gotten a little frustrated at that moment by the direction conversation was heading. The conversation ended with me letting him know God’s love for him and sovereignty over his struggles. Despite the way the conversation went, I believe the Spirit worked and is still working in his heart. Ask Father for more openness and concrete ways for me to share with him in more relatable ways.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Ask God to raise up a prayer movement and a disciple making movement in Artesia. In particular, pray for more workers to be sent out into the harvest.
  2. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to see forward-progress for STT to come to Artesia this summer as a team still has not been able to be formed. Please continue to ask God to work in His time and according to His will.
  3. Many workers are leaving or re-entering the country every 45 days in hope to stay long-term. This can be a very spiritual and mental difficulty for workers. Please continue to lift up Visas in Artesia as many workers are still struggling to stay and renew their visas.
  4. From Friday night (4/28) to Saturday morning (4/29), we will have an overnight prayer interceding for Artesia in different ways. Pray that God will give us his visions and show us where to go and what to do.