Chapter 2

Answered Prayers:

  • The training on disciple making movements that happened with local fellowships was an answered prayer, as more locals are catching the vision of being a movement in Artesia. Hallelujah!
  • The overnight prayer session that we held in intercession for workers and our country was a success. God has showed us of the plentiful harvest and more open doors.
  • In regards to my previous request of creative ways to integrate different areas of my life, I feel that 1) God is showing me certain people from one group and helping me cross-network and 2) God is asking me to say no to certain things.


With one of my language teacher, I have been able to connect deeper. She has stressed about her son not having a job and all the conflicts she carries to school from home every day overwhelms her during lessons as much as she tries not to let it. One of the lessons, she shared with me her fear of death and the worries especially with financial issues. She admitted how hard it was to let go of her fears. So, I shared the “Do Not Be Anxious” sermon from the Sermon on the Mount. She, then, took my phone and read it once over herself. I followed-up with several questions and she responded very well as she was reminded that everything is in God’s hands. A week after, during lesson, she got a phone call every 10 minutes regarding her daughter and a situation she had at home. She apologized after every call and after getting off the phone call for the fifth time, she held her head tightly and began to cry in front of me as she explained to me why she was so upset. I listened and she calmed down after couple of minutes. I felt peace return back to her and was able to have this mini-bible study with my teacher. Pray against the work of the enemy in anxiety, rather for love to be shown through His provisions through their emptiness. Please pray for my teacher Raj.


Serving and working here have totally shifted my focus on multiplication. Although we may have to go to multiple villages, many homes, and shake hands with so many people, once we find that person who shows interest, opens up his network, and shares to people around him, in the long run, this slow process is very fruitful. Our team and the house of pr@yer here always keep this in mind and constantly pray that God’s will be done over ours and to guide us to those right people. Pray with us for God to raise up the right locals and leaders with God-sized visions and hearts.


Getting first-time and continuing visas are one of the hardest parts of living here. After months of documents and visits to the foreign affairs, I have received a rare year-long visa! Praise the Lord! I am the first student ever to receive for that length of time through my language school. However, people around me are continuing to struggle with their visa extensions. Pray for favor from the ministries and governmental leaders involved and that God will grant them a (long) visa.

DMM - simplifying questions

As we meet locals and share a passage in some sort of way, we have this long line of questions we are trying to ask (and eventually have them train to others). However, my leader has noticed that this process can be simplified and easier questions for us and locals will mean that it will be easier to share and ask these several questions in starting bible studies. Pray for simplifying the questions so more locals will catch and train the vision of DMM.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Ask God to raise up a prayer movement and a disciple making movement in Artesia. In particular, pray for more workers to be sent out into the harvest.