Impatiently Waiting

307 days. It’s been that long since this idea of overseas commitment has crossed my mind. The first 46 days felt as if I was waiting for an ice cream truck in the winter: so long and pointless. And 261 days later, I’m here. This time, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. With my departure date pushed back a month to March 31st, I’m more than determined to finish the remaining of support raising so I can finally start what I’ve been impatiently waiting and wanting to do for the past 261 days. But, once again, I find myself relying on my abilities and time schedule.

It’s so hard for me to wait, so The Lord is telling me to wait longer. It’s so hard for me finish, so The Lord is telling me I have to finish strong. And it’s the hardest for me to let things go, so The Lord is telling me to believe He is able and rely on the One who is constant. This whole time, I’ve been reminded that everything is in His time and plan. And I’m aware that me leaving home isn’t the end of something, but a beginning of something even greater.

To finish off, let me tell you a story of what I experienced couple Sundays ago. I was at another church’s English Service sharing my story and my team’s vision. As I was sharing about my most impactful encounters the past 2 years, I felt very at peace. But, the amazing moment was when I paused in the stillness, and I breathed in, I can literally feel myself breathing this in, through my lungs, and down to my feet. Brothers and sisters, this was such a powerful moment for me because I believe all my worries and uncertainties were released. That was a moment I regained hope in what’s to come.

And what’s to come is unimaginable for me! Now, I’m trying to patiently wait to see in what other ways I will be surprised. Join me in praying for my family, my team, and the lost.