January 2014 Update

The beginning of many things!


We have been enjoying the time spent together with the like minded people from our community. They have been a source of encouragement and fun for us. This month we decided to invite them after our meeting to come to our apartment and spend the afternoon together. It was a lovely time filled with food, laughter and games. Experiencing the culture  The director of our school invited us to taste a traditional meal called "Bishbarmak". This dish is consisted of a wide flat pasta, potatoes, onions and horse meat. That's right friends, horse meat. It was honestly one of the best foods we have ever tasted. Our time with our director's family was delightful! We had tons of food, great conversations, and of course as good locals, we had plenty of Karaoke to sing while we took breaks from eating. We are beyond bl3ssed by our school's staff, we could not have asked for better people to work with. We ask you to lift them up and that our Papa will continue to draw them near to Him and that we continue to represent Him well.  

New School Semester: 

 We have started a new semester at our school. Many of our first semester students are continuing our courses (which is a great encouragement that we are doing okay ;D). We have also added about 6 new students. Teaching continues to be a great time and we are greatly understanding the influence a teacher can have. A simple praise, joke, high-five, or acknowledgement for some of these students greatly changes their faces and it is as if they were energized by something. We thank our Papa that He allows us to be in this position because we know that He works through us as we "listen" to His Spirit and do as He tells us.  

Goals for 2014:

We continue to see great opportunities to spend time with our students and are trying to do different things that will help us build a foundation for friendship. Trust and acceptance must first be given before a friendship can be built. We want to continue to learn from the locals as much as we can. We are learning the importance of being culturally sensitive and the impact it has on building a deeper relationship when we want to do as they do. 

There is more to come and we can't wait to share it with you! Much love!