October in Central Asia

Learning and growing!   The month of October has been another month of growth. He has been showing us how much He loves us and what it looks like to be His light.  

School:We have been teaching for about 6 weeks now. Most days feel successful, while some feel like we failed our students after we notice their faces of confusion. It is incredible to see how He shows us the importance of grace on those bad days. For being our first year of teaching, this has been such an humbling experience and an opportunity for us to grow on our dependency and constant reliance on His wisdom and strength to teach our students. We just had our midterm and felt so proud of the students. They all gave a 5 minute speech on a topic of their interest. It was good to see them using vocabulary words learned in class and trying to present without reading anything.

Fellowship:Two weekends ago we were able to attend the P-stor's wedding. It was such a fun day and we felt honored to be invited to be a part of their special day!

To be honest, we were sad to leave our group of friends who were our age and married. We loved having that type of fellowship, but thankfully our Papa knows the desires of our hearts and has brought us a closer to a couple from our community. They recently got married this year and are an amazing like-minded couple.

What is stirring: Robin has been meeting with one of our female students (Student M) weekly to chat about life, culture, and family. I (Paul) also went to lunch with a young male student (student V) and was able to share a lot about our Father and what He has done in my life. Student V is a returning student who seems to have had a seed planted last year and now we are here to continue to water that seed. We are wanting to grow our relationships with both of them and other students as our Father leads us.

We hope you feel our love and pr-yers, if you have specific things you would like us to be lifting up feel free to email us and we will talk to our Papa.

May you also continue to grow and learn more about His grace and love everyday.

In Him,