May Update

General Update 

Greetings friends,

For those of you who have not heard the news yet, Thailand's 12th military coup is underway. The past seven months of protesting first turned into martial law, and has now become a full coup. A nationwide curfew has been issued from 12pm-5am and we are avoiding areas that could potentially be dangerous. There have been rumors of civil war, but so far nothing exceptionally violent has occurred. As of now nothing major has changed in our day to day routines. Business are closing early, but in terms of ministry everything is continuing as normal. Thank you all for your prayers for safety and letters of encouragement/concern. Please continue to pray for peace in Thailand!!! This past month has been both frustrating and exciting. Language learning continues to be a struggle, but I'm doing my best to stay motivated. Despite our lack of language ability, God is deepening our relationships with our friends and neighbors daily.  

Teaching English

Our English for Life class just completed another session and has two weeks of vacation before we start class again. This month we introduced "the sound of the day" which focuses on specific English sounds that Thai people struggle with most. This includes sounds like th vs. t, sh vs. ch, ed, etc. It's hard practice, but I can hear the difference in our student's speaking!

The Kid's Program is also going well! It's chaos as always, but the kids still love to come. This past week we taught new songs and sentence patterns. The kids in my community are quite the handful, but we love each one of them very much.

Community News

We are currently in the process of searching for a local Thai church to partner with us in order to help disciple some of the members of our community. While everyone on my team has a willing heart to jump in and do discipleship, it's simply not the best option for long term development. Our goal is to help create a worshiping community that will continue long after we are gone. We are excited to see what God does with the networking we have already done, and the interest that has been expressed by one church in particular. Please join us in praying for a local Thai church to step into this role.


 The very fact that you have taken the time to read this update and pray for God to move in big ways here in Thailand has touched my heart very deeply. I couldn't be here without any of you and I appreciate you more than words could ever explain. It bings me so much joy to share with you all how God is opening doors and moving in my community. I love bringing the two worlds I love with all my heart together. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! May God bless you and keep you close to His heart!

 Prayer Requests

For God to intervene on behalf of those suffering through injustices in Thailand such as poverty, political oppression, trafficking, spiritual oppression, and social oppression.* Blessings over the people in my community, especially the children and elderly. * For continued open doors, and healthy friendships. * That every person we interact with will feel the love of Christ. * That God continues to give us direction on how to serve our community best. * A deepening sense of God's presence in our community. * Health for my teammates and I. * Momentum in Thai language learning Continued prayers for my community president and her husband as they continue counseling. It has been a journey of many ups and downs thus far. Please continue to pray that God would heal their hearts, marriage, and become Lord of their lives. Thank you for your prayers for my friends who were in the motorcycle accident. They continue to heal physically, but it's a painful process. Praise Jesus they are still alive! This Saturday my team and I are traveling to India!! We are spending a week working with an organization who also works in slums and urban poor communities. Then we have a mini retreat for our last couple days. Please pray for safety and fresh ideas or perspective for our team.