A Rough Start

Ever wonder what a hospital is like in another country? Now I have an insider's peek. After being in country for two weeks I came down with a fever on a Friday night, and it hadn't gone away by Sunday. So we went to the Emergency Room to get some blood tests to see why I was sick (people here use the ER like a clinic because a doctor is always available). The test came back indicating that I had Dengue Fever, so I was admitted to the hospital that night. They wanted to have me in the hospital to monitor my fever and blood platelet count.

My platelets dropped significantly, and we were all concerned. But I am grateful that God brought healing to my body through many people's prayers, and I did not need a blood transfusion. Eventually my platelets returned to a safe enough level so that I could be released from the hospital on Monday, a week later.

Almost two months have passed since I was released from the hospital. It took me about a month to regain my strength. Now I am finally back on my feet and working to get caught up on all that I missed during my illness and recovery.

At times my week in the hospital was frightening, but my team here took marvelous care of me. Jesus proved to be my close friend and my guardian. I was amazed how He provided encouragement at the moments and in the ways that I needed it most. People have said that they could see Him shining through my smile in the midst of this time. I'm trusting our sovereign God used (or will use) a fever and a hospital stay to bring Him glory.

P.S. I took the picture while I had Dengue but before I was admitted to the hospital.