Time Marches On

I once heard a quote that said “Change is the only constant in life.” Whether that is true or not, there has been quite a bit for me recently. I have officially stepped out of part-time language study into full-time ministry. I co-lead the children’s time during our women’s program, which means I somehow am finding myself singing songs, jumping up and down, and acting in skits. I am now teaching English weekly and finding it a little more challenging than expected. Two of my roommates are gone, which is the biggest day-to-day change. I am even going to bed and getting up earlier these days. Throughout these relatively small changes, I am reminded of the only perfect constant, God. He is a refuge, a shield, a shelter in times of uncertainty. I am learning more and more what it means to find rest and peace in Him.           

I am really enjoying spending time with refugees in their homes. A teammate and I have been visiting *Salima and *Amir for a few months and one day she confided that they were not able to do anything for her son’s birthday. The next week we threw him a surprise party at a nearby park, complete with a cake and present. It may seem trivial but for parents who were used to giving their child everything to now barely surviving in a place where they are unwelcome, it meant a great deal. Seeing their reactions and talking with them that day showed me how much God really does care about the seemingly small things in our lives. I’ve seen how gestures like this create soft and receptive hearts for the Gospel of Christ. Pray for this family as we continue to bring the love and light of God to dark situations.

I have also been visiting another woman, *Nadia, and her two pre-teen daughters. The first time we visited she was extremely depressed and had no hope at all. As we shared with her and prayed she said she felt a new peace and agreed to go to Arabic church that next week. At church a group prayed over her for some health concerns and also for her United Nations refugee process to move forward. Within the next few weeks she was contacted and moved forward several steps in a very short amount of time, which almost never happens. The air of despair that once existed has left the house and we have started a video series with Nadia and her brother that walks through God’s story of redemption. It is really making sense to them and some great conversations have happened. Please pray with me as we seek to share true hope with them.

As I am attempting to navigate the complicated waters of ministry to the poor, I often think on this verse:

“Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.”  -Colossians 1:28

 It both emboldens me by reminding me of the goal, and tempers me by leading me away from rash or lazy actions.


Pray for:

-Wisdom in sharing and how to offer tangible help.

-A young man who has been struggling lately with how to move forward in life.

-My new roommate/teammate that is coming at the end of this month.