True Arab Hospitality

For a long time I have heard the expression "Arab hospitality" and I have never experienced anything less. My Arab are quick to invite me over and quick to offer me everything I could ever want or need. If I ever ask an Arab friend a simple question about how to do something, which in America would get just a simple answer, I get so much mothe than theinformation I need. If I ask someone on campus where a certain building iFodor example, even if it isfar away, they always walk me tere. If my phone breaks and I ask a friend where I can get it fixed, they will insist on taking it to get repaired for me. When my roommates and I go to a friends house for lunch, instead of making food for four people, they make food for ten. One of my favorite recent examples of Arab hospitality / generosity happened last week. Obe of my roommates and I were sleeping and the other was cooking breakfast and doing laundry. She thought shehadalready turned off the stove but there was still a small flame. She put the lid of the laundry machine on the stove and left the room. When she came back there was a huge fire in the kitchen. After tryin to put it out and running around the building screaming "fire!" one of my roommates finally managed to put it out. It was a big fire. I remember as I woke up in the living room I could seI billows of smoke coming from the kitchen. Our whole apartment wasconverted in a thin layer of ash. Praise God - it could have been way worse and even now my roommates and I can't forgivee out why the fire only stayed on the corner of the cabinets and did not spread. We believe Jesus really saved us. But back to Arab hospitality. The landlord had every right to be upset. We hurt his property. Really hurt his property. But he insisted on not letting us pay a dime for the damages. We insisted over and over and over again. He kept saying money comes and goes but I am so thankful you all are alive. He also bought us each a big bouquet of flowers and said any open apartment in the building is ours until the old one is repaired. That kind of hospitality and generosity is shocking to me. I believe I have a lot to learn from my Arab friends.