Mission and Values

Our Mission and Vision

The world needs a new kind of missionary and 20-somethings are uniquely positioned to answer the call. GoCorps exists to invite a new generation to find their place in God’s global work through two-year mission placements addressing urgent physical and spiritual needs. Our vision is for it to become a new norm for 20-somethings to invest the first two years of their career in God's global work.

The Need

3.14 billion people are "unreached" by the gospel

65% of the world live in religiously restricted areas

1.45 billion people in the world live in poverty


Our God told us to go. To bring tangible care and hope — across borders, over boundaries, through cultures — for the love of the world.


Since 2009, GoCorps has been placing 20-somethings globally for two years of impactful gospel service. Many of these young people didn’t previously see themselves as part of the missionary landscape—until GoCorps helped them put their degrees and passions to strategic use. Now recent graduates are rising to the opportunity of investing two years of their career in ways that change their own lives and the lives of those not yet reached with the gospel. And the Church is helping mobilize a new kind of missionary.

A New Kind of Missionary

"We believe the world needs a new kind of missionary—and 20-somethings are uniquely positioned to fill the gap. So we remove barriers for recent college graduates to serve globally for two years using their passions and degrees by connecting 20-somethings with strategic long-term projects and mobilizing others to support them in their efforts."

-Paul Van Der Werf, GoCorps Founder and Executive Director


A person’s global zip code is the single biggest determining factor whether they will ever actually have a chance to know the good news of Jesus Christ.
Missions in the next 30 years is going to look a lot different from the last 100 years. The people with the greatest need and least access to the gospel live in places where it’s impossible to get a missionary visa. Today, Christians with marketplace skill sets have the most opportunity to make a difference.
In general, the impact of short-term missions is short term and one-sided, and it doesn’t touch the hardest to reach. In most cases, a short-term trip isn’t enough to instill a change in worldview and habits. Our culture is simply too strong and pervasive.
Investing two years is long enough to learn a language, develop relationships, and contribute in a meaningful way to longer term projects. Yet, it’s short enough where almost anyone can serve for that length of time no matter their long-term career plans.
Recent college grads are the most available and most equipped to make impact globally. Yet most collegiate ministries invest less than one percent of their time and resources in helping students transition well from the campus to living missionally in the first few years of their career. For seniors who are entering these first uncharted years of their life, they are largely left to figure it out on their own.
Comfort is the American church's blindspot as we have subtly conformed to our culture’s value of comfort and security to the extent that the choices and decisions of how to invest our lives often eliminates following Christ’s example of incarnational ministry among those with the greatest need.
Church planting without meeting felt physical and social needs is usually ineffective. Christian service without the gospel lacks power and is immensely short-sighted in light of eternity.
We put the calling and will of God first, and trust God for his provision as we obey and follow him in faith wherever he leads.