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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

In 2020, GoCorps began an intentional journey of introspection, learning, and listening in order to grow in equity, diversity and inclusion in the work that God has called us to do.  GoCorps is a mobilization and placement organization with a vision to see a new movement of Goers who dedicate two years of their lives to live and serve cross-culturally, joining God’s global work of reconciliation, peace, mission and life to the full.

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion are rooted in our faith and in the scriptures.  From Genesis to Revelation, we find a central thread in scripture about God’s heart and love for all peoples, all languages, all tribes, all cultures (Revelation 7:9-10).    God is not a regional deity.  He is the creator and God of the universe.

Key verses that inform us on God’s heart include:  Genesis 12:1-3, Genesis 26:4, Genesis 28:14, Isaiah 49:6, Matthew 24:14, Romans 15:20, Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:16-20, Luke 24:44–49, John 3:16, John 20:19–23, Acts 1:4–8, Galatians 3:14, Revelation 7:9

Reconstructing Missions

Like all manmade structures and institutions, global missions is not perfect and each generation needs to critically examine the history, the relevance and effectiveness of our words, our structures, our strategies and our goals.  Internally, GoCorps staff, our board and our partners are committed to listening, learning and growth, knowing that uncomfortable revelations and discoveries are likely and knowing that hard decisions are ahead as we adjust our path, model and message to more effectively and wholistically mobilize the next generation to join God’s global work.

A term we’ve been using for this journey is reconstructing missions.  We are committing ourselves to investigate and learn, but we’re not going to stop at guilt and repentance.  Reconstructing missions means going beyond finding global missions’ failures, blindspots and unhealthy or outdated areas.  We are committed to building, adding, and removing, and creating new structures, models and messaging that fits for God’s global work, for the great commission, in our generation, for the decades ahead.

Moving Forward

Here’s a glimpse of what that means practically.  GoCorps was founded with the goal of expanding the audience of people who see going to serve on the leading edge of the great commission as a relevant and achievable option.  We developed our model to open up global cross-cultural missions to young adults of all majors and skill-sets. 

In the next decade, it is our vision to create a process and missions structure that not only works for those of all majors, but also for those of all backgrounds.  Specifically, this means making global missions relevant and achievable and attractive to Christians of all ethnicities and economic income level backgrounds.

We invite you to share this journey with us!

Together, we are committed to creating equity in our organization, staffing and mobilization model, and are committed to investing in creating structures that result in diversity and inclusion for Christians of all backgrounds!


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