Are you sure, Lord?

Some people may look at me and wonder why the heck I would be the one called to go serve overseas. Others may read my story on paper and think there couldn’t be anyone less qualified for such a role. Not gonna lie, I have definitely thought those things about myself. Forget the family struggles, why would Jesus want to use an insecure, unqualified, and sinful girl like myself to go tell people about Him? However, as I am sure you have come to realize by now, the Lord is too good to me. 

In the midst of this struggle, when I was doubting the most and the question on my tongue was more often “Are you sure, Lord?” than anything else, He swept me up and held me close. This comfort came through an encounter with a distant cousin of mine. 

Now, in order to save time and space, I’ll spare you all the details. I will say that what ended up being shared changed my perspective forever. This cousin, who was also a believer and a missionary in a family where this was not accepted, encouraged me more than she could have imagined. She looked at me and first told me how appreciative she was of me. She thanked me for stepping up and following the call, knowing how hard it would be to say yes in our family. This was the first person I had ever talked to who really understood the difficulty, and she was a relative of mine! Like, WHAT?! Insane. Truly. But, of course it gets even better. 

She then proceeded to tell me that she knew I would answer this call because someone in our family had prayed for me over 17 generations ago. She handed me a piece of paper I could barely read because it was so faded & in old English, but it was a prayer that a family member had prayed over 17 generations ago. He prayed for one person in every generation of our family to rise up and serve the Lord as a missionary. What is even more mind-blowing is that IT HAS BECOME TRUE. Since that prayer, one person in every generation of my family has become a missionary and served in regions neighboring one another!!! I sat there with tears in my eyes. 

The Lord was absolutely sure. He knew I would be answering the call before this relative of mine prayed the prayer 17 generations ago. He has been molding me, shaping me, and growing me in this family for this purpose. He chose me to make His name known through me not only overseas, but as a member of my family. My answer is not only a testimony to His faithfulness in my journey, but His faithfulness over generations. 

    I don’t know if you are asking, or have ever asked the question, “Are you sure, Lord?” If you have, I want to encourage you the same way I was encouraged. Maybe you don’t have a family prayer that has been answered, but the Lord is more than sure He wants to use you. He has chosen you since the beginning of time, more than 17 generations ago, to serve Him and be used for His glory. Instead of asking “Are you sure, Lord?” join me in the praise “You are faithful Jesus!” He is in the business of answering.