Who, How, Why, Where, When

Hello! For the purpose of security, my name on here will be Liz and I will be going to North Africa. However, if you’re reading this then you probably already know my name and/or where I am going, so I wanted to share a little more about me! 

I have been drawn to the continent of Africa since I was young. I couldn’t tell you why.. I honestly couldn’t even tell you if Africa was a country or continent at that point. However, I knew I wanted to go there. Fast forward to high school, I went on my first mission trip to a country in East Africa and the Lord confirmed this calling. In college, I then went on to serve in two other East African countries as well as participating in a study abroad program in South Africa. Each trip, each experience, each interaction taught me more about the Lord and myself. He taught me to trust Him in the callings that may not seem completely concrete yet. He is still teaching me to trust Him in the not yet process, while still faithfully saying yes. Obedience is tough, and something I struggle with, but I will say that I know this is the next step in a life of service to the Lord and His people. 

I heard about GoCorps through the Center for Student Action at Azusa Pacific University. As a part of the HISyears program (something you should look into if you are an APU alumni), I was encouraged to get connected with GoCorps. After researching and talking about GoCorps, I realized they would be the best fit in helping me find a sending organization that matches my personality, gifts/talents/passions, and goals for service. Through them I was connected to an organization where my desire for holism and partnership with local people gets to come to fruition. 

I have the opportunity to teach primary students at an international school in North Africa. Again, for the sake of security, I cannot get into too much detail about this school or location, but let me tell you - I am STOKED for this opportunity. Through this organization and this school, I get to not only build up students, but also other teachers and local leaders. I have the privilege of doing life with local people in hopes to form deep relationships. I plan to tell them and teach them about Jesus, but out of a place of love, respect, and a deep sense of connection. 

 I am thankful for the Lord’s guidance and plan for me as this dream and connection to parts of Africa have now become ingrained in my story.  His faithfulness to me has illuminated this path and I am beyond humbled that I get to partner with Him in the ministry He is already doing in this part of North Africa. I am excited to meet Him there and come alongside those He has already called to help further His kingdom and mission. He is allowing me to step in and love His people in a new part of the world, and I could not be more thankful. 

I know that was a lot of information, and most of it vague, but my prayer is that you are encouraged reading these bits and pieces of my heart and story. The Lord has been faithful in this calling, but it does not mean it has always been easy. If you are reading this as a potential Goer, my encouragement is that you simply listen. Listen to Scripture, listen to His whisper, listen to the council of wise leaders around you. Then, follow through. Do what He tells you to, I promise it is worth the leap. If you are reading this as a partner of mine, thank you. If you have been with me since that first trip to East Africa, thank you for your support, encouragement, and prayers. If you are a new partner, thank you. Thank you for listening to the Lord and coming alongside me in this partnership with the Lord and His ministry in North Africa. I hope this blog gave you a reassurance of His calling for me, and for you as you continue to move forward in support. 

The Lord is good all the time, and all the time the Lord is good!