Immeasurably More

I remember from a very young age God expanding my worldview and showing me how big His world really is. There are many moments I look back on and can see so clearly the Lord stirring and breaking my heart for the “least of these”. As I headed into college, I knew I wanted to mix my degree and ministry in some way, I just had no idea what I wanted to do or how I wanted to do it. Classic! I remember asking for specific passions and desires and of course, the Lord faithfully answered. In my sophomore year of college, I was back in my home church and a couple who had been serving in Asia for some time came to share some of their experiences. They described their emotion as they visited an orphanage and gazed upon the many children with disabilities because in the culture they were in these children are seen as unworthy and invaluable. I remember so vividly my heart utterly breaking for these children and a small prayer,  “Lord, I want to do something about that” crossing my mind. Soon after, the Lord led me to the major I now have a degree in that is allowing me to step into something he so perfectly planned. 

Fast forward to my senior year of college, Christmas break, on my knees asking the Lord to guide my steps after graduation. Overwhelmed with all of the possibilities in front of me, I finally stopped to cry out and ask the Lord what he may have for me to do. As tears filled my eyes, I felt distinctly a pull to go. I didn’t know where or for how long, but I knew he was calling me as he did the disciples, to leave everything and follow him. Through a fortunate series of events, I found GoCorps and read the placement options by degree. I was in awe as I read that I could use the skills I’d learned to do exactly what the Lord had shaped my heart to be passionate about, caring for the “lease of these” in society and bringing his love to the corners of the earth.  He is so faithful and good and it’s beautiful to look back on my story and know he’s the only one who could have written it. I can’t wait to continue to say yes as he leads me into more of what he is doing, and I’m honored he allows me to be a part!