It's me, Beli!

There I was sitting in my 8am Missions class with four other students and Professor Jenkins during my first semester of senior year of college. As we were waiting for everyone to get settled, Jenkins was telling me about this organization his friend started, GoCorps. Jenkins knew I had a heart for missions and youth but was struggling with how to combine those two things into the real world. He told me to check out their website so I went home and here I am, preparing to move to Spain as a Youth Mentor. I thank God every day for putting Professor Jenkins in my life at that time.

I have always felt a calling to missions, my parents would take my brothers and I out onto the mission field when we were younger and while they did their ministry, we would run around. Missions always had a place in my heart but that place grew bigger when I went on my first solo missions trip to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Fast forward to the summer before my sophmore year of high school, I was at a youth conference called CIY Move surrounded by thousands of other students. The topic that week was Kingdom Work, we had missionaries come and speak to us and I truly felt God tug at my heart that week. On the drive back from that camp, I told my youth leader "I want to be a missionary."  Of course life doesn't always go your way, and I kind of fell off the missionary path throughout high school and got sucked into Youth Ministry. I worked with middle schoolers for a couple years and my students are the ones that made me want to pursue a bachelors in Youth Ministry.

I graduated from San Diego Christian College with a bachelors in Biblical Studies with a concentration in Youth Ministry. My time there was preparing me for the future and now I am so excited to use what I learned out on the field in Granada,Spain. I am so excited to reach the mission field, be connected to a local church and get to know their students and the students of Spain. My heart and vision is for the youth of Spain to be transformed by the love of God.

I'm so excited to share more about my journey and my time in Spain with whoever is reading this!


*picture shown is of me and some high school and middle school leaders a few years back*