I have the responsibility of being a Missionary????

Hello to whomever is reading this blog! : )

    Though I may not be able to see you in person, nor may I even have an opportunity to know who has read this post, I feel privileged to be writing this.  By posting this first blog, it feels like I have earned a badge of honor with GoCorps!  I remember when I was considering whether or not I wanted to join GoCorps, I spent hours one day just reading the blogs of the Goers.  I remember thinking how brave and heroic they were to be posting publicly about their journey…and now I am one of those Goers!! Wow!!

    The simplest way to explain how I got involved in GoCorps is through this line: “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”  Being a missionary, was not in my plans.  Moving to Spain, was not in my plans.  Support raising for two years overseas, most certainly was not in my plans haha.  Thankfully, the Lord knew better.

    I have always known that whatever career I pursued, I wanted it to allow me to be a difference maker.  When I attended Urbana ’15 I viewed it simply as another Christian conference to attend, I did not feel called to be a missionary.  I then attended Urbana ’18 and was convicted that as a Christian, I am automatically called to be a missionary because this earthly home is not my real home.  That as Christians, we have a responsibility to be fishers of men.  I knew then that my desire to travel overseas had to be connected to the Lord’s ministry first and foremost.

    The Lord orchestrated the beginning of my journey to the field in the most beautiful way!  I am beyond ecstatic to be a part of the Avance Espana team in Granada, Spain!!  Once in the field I will begin my journey as a Youth Mentor.  It is an ever-evolving position that will allow me to see what the need is in Granada in regards to the needs of the youth and young adults there.  With the guidance of the local Church, I will grow to be a part of the community there, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me in mentoring and empowering the young people in Granada. 

    I am currently in the midst of my support raising, and my goodness, has the Lord already been teaching me so much haha.  I cannot wait to see what else he will teach me once I am in Spain, and how else He is going to use me during this time, and during my time in the field. 

    Whether you are simply passing the time reading these blogs, considering joining GoCorps, or you happen to be one of my support partners, I hope this glimpse into my story holds some encouragement for you.  Be willing and open to hearing God’s plan for your life. 

Until the next blog post! <3