You live here?

You live here?

I recently was back in the States for a family wedding. 

Before I returned, some unexpected circumstances happened, in the West African country where I serve, that delayed my travel. 

"More than COVID?!", you ask.

This year has been marked with so many instances of God's faithfulness despite the chaos out of my control. 

A chance to spend time with my WHOLE family has not happened in two years... as most of my family now actually live in West Africa. Thus, home has been evolving for me here in this new place. 

I love how I can use my passions here - languages, cultural awareness and literacy for all! GoCorps helped me to use my eternal citizenship in the closest thing to an earthly home that I have. What a gift! 

So, despite the craziness - I was ready to be back. 

For example, I have been working on translating a series called the Chosen and have a friend now using it in their English class here. I cannot wait to see if I can be a part of that space!

As I listened to several of the languages on the airplane - I got pumped up to continue my language studies. I missed hearing the language in passing and guessing what they are talking about based on my limited vocabulary. So, I enjoyed when I understood some of the simple sentences spouted. One man's conversation reminded me how engaging many languages are in their discourse. I knew enough to recognize he was telling a riveting story. Always with a bunch of yes's and un-huhs from others. As a child, I learned this guttural noise as a note of agreement in many situations in Niger. A lot of back of the throat movement... Three in succession are always sufficient in response :) 

I know much time is needed to have more input in the language I am learning - especially in story telling. It is actually the next stage of my language learning! Thought, I recognize the little pieces show care and a desire for friendship like Jesus did on earth. He learned several to show the love of His Father. :) 

By God's grace, greetings came back to me and saying things like "thank you" in their language brought a chuckle to the airport officers. If you have read my first blog, you will know that the questions "Where is home for you?" is a hard one to answer after the age of ten. My home is found in the guttural agreements and Storytelling. 

So as I got off the airplane - being one of the only international travelers on it - a question arose.

"You live here?" a flight attendant asked.

Innocent - I know - but still rather a unique one. 

"Yes!" I stated proudly with a smile.

Despite the crazy, despite COVID and despite [you fill in the blank]. 

I wish I have more time to share with them the why :) 

"Well then - welcome back!" was their response. 

Welcome home indeed!