Submitting to unknowns as He holds me in His hands

Held in His Hands



Anajua mateso yetu

Anapenda kutusaidia! 


Yesu yɛrɛ y’an tɔɔrɔw bɛɛ dɔn,

A bɛ sɔn ka an dɛmɛ bi. 


[Jesus] Only He knows of our sufferings

He LOVES to help us 


Worship follows me wherever God sends me for His cause!

The first two lines above are a song I grew to love in DRC, East Africa while working there in 2018. My team would sing this quite often during team devotions. What truth that the Father is ever near to comfort us!

As I begin to learn Bambara, I asked my language nurturer to teach me Bambara worship songs - particularly songs proclaiming adoration to God. Without any prompting she turned to this song in the Bambara worship book. I felt the SPIRIT draw near to be with us as she sang… Yesu yɛrɛ y’an tɔɔrɔw bɛɛ dɔn... A bɛ sɔn ka an dɛmɛ bi… I still do not understand most of the words of the song in Bambara but I felt God nudging me to say: “See my child, I am working in this place.”  

What a strange couple of weeks to move to a new country with a virus inhibiting much of what I thought God had for my in West Africa and life seems so unknown... 

I have struggled on what to share about the CV situation where I live. One thing I can write is that choosing to stay has brought me peace. I have been praying about how I can encourage those around me whose daily routines continue as if nothing has changed. For example, my language nurturer still needs to go to the bigger market to buy food at lower costs for her family - a place cram packed with people jostling from one stall to the next. I pray God the Protector and great Healer to be with her every step of the way! Talking with God and others brought this to mind: sometimes this means putting aside fear of death to draw near to God’s creation. Now I am not saying abandon all caution and put yourself at risk in every possible way. Rather I pray that the Lord would bring individuals to my residence that need to hear His story and encouragement from the Father.

Right now, I have two young ladies with whom I read French. School is out and literacy support at home is not always possible. I pray our times would be filled with the Light shining into every crack of their hearts. I love being able to use the little Bambara I know in our reading times to help them understand. A sweet moment is when we try and communicate in both French and Bambara :D Thank you Jesus for both of these beautiful languages! You created us to communicate with you and each other. May I see more moments like this in what He has for me West Africa!