Implicit Curriculum AKA How to Play Boliche

            In my first education course, “Students and Learning,” we had to memorize the definition of curriculum. Of course by now I’ve forgotten it, but I remember it being something about, “the stuff that you teach the students, both EXPLICIT and IMPLICIT.” (Emphasis on that explicit and implicit thing- because you’re always teaching someone something, whether you realize it or not.)

            I’m not sure about each of you, but sometimes as I’m teaching the kids in Sunday school or the teens in youth group, I feel that explicit teaching thing does not go so well. Or maybe just because it’s required (I mean, my job!) I hope that it doesn’t feel inauthentic. Sometimes I feel like that implicit stuff that happens in conversations at the beginning of youth group or seeing the teens OUTSIDE of youth group is actually where I can make more of a difference. Any teachers out there feel like that?

          The old youth leader, as he passed the group over to my nervous hands, told me, “Rosie, I’ll tell you what someone told me as I started leading this group, ‘If you do 3 things, if you at least share a scripture, pray with them, and make them laugh, then you’re already doing more than you know.’” So I’m trying to focus on that and remember how important the relationships are. I hope that I can be a person the teens trust. Even when I fail again and again to smoothly deliver a lesson, I hope that the kids feel comfortable to come to me at any time with questions. And I know that somehow, some way, God is using me to plant seeds in each of these teens’ and kids’ hearts.


          Speaking of implicit curriculum, did you know that bowling is not that common here in Costa Rica? I went with 2 of my neighbors and was surprised to find that it was among the first or second time for each of them to go bowling. It was an interesting role change to be the one helping them more than the other way around. Plus, I’m not normally the best bowler in my group ;)

          I’m so thankful for the opportunity to build relationships with these two ladies and I know that God is doing something through what we have. [See social media for more pictures ;)]