The FINAL COUNTDOWN! (dana-naa-nuhh… dana-na-na-nuuuh…)


6 Days left!!


            This has been a season of waiting. And being completely honest with you, now that my departure date is less than a week away, I’m nervous for the metaphorical labor pains of transition, and the sleep depravity that comes with parenting a metaphorical newborn. I’m thankful to be encouraged every day, and I’m working on recognizing the gift of life in metaphorical motherhood. (Any mothers out there who have metaphorical tips relating to this metaphor of waiting, childbirth, and newborns? Would love to be encouraged by them :))


So much to do in so little time! Here are some updates:

  • Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!


  • Plane ticket was purchased only a few weeks ago- LEAVING ON JANUARY 9TH!


  • Just barely made it to 100% of MONTHLY COMMITMENTS!!(Of course, I will always accept further partnership if that is on your heart! (We never discourage giving here!!:D) I am still praying for a “buffer” in case of emergencies or attrition, of somewhere between $100-$250 “extra” per month.)


  • Launching fund is NOT QUITE THERE YET! Although I did have 100% of 1x commitments a few months ago, due to some unforeseen complications (timing, communication, check/card issues, regular old attrition, you name it) I am back to only 92% of commitments, needing about $900 more of 1x support before I can leave on Thursday! (**I need your help on this one! Please don’t let me leave feeling unfinished- look below to see how you can help me out this last week before I go!)


  • Headed to BELTON, TX one last time THIS SUNDAY the 5th of January, so my college church can “pray me out” before I go!
    • All are welcome at Liberty Church (302 E. Central Ave. Belton, TX 76513) at 10:30am. There you can pray with me before I leave, leave a note in my journal that I can read on the plane, join my family and I for lunch afterwards, and tell me goodbye one last time. :)




How can YOU help?

  • As I mentioned above, I have 1 week left to raise about $900 more! My plan is to make one last final push before I leave, using this blog and social media.
    • If you are able and willing, please trust God, take a leap of faith, and consider giving! This would be a huge blessing and I don’t think you will regret it.
    • If you are not able or willing financially, please find my social media post, repost, share with your friends and family who may be interested, and PRAY WITH ME to see God’s complete and whole provision before I leave in 6 days.
    • If you have committed to partnering with me, but have not yet had a chance to follow through, please do so using the link below or on the right.
  • I would also really love to receive any encouraging words or prayers from you as I am facing a lot of nervousness and discouragement these last days here in the US- please feel free to comment below, email, or message me using Facebook if you have any wise or comforting words to share :)


Prayers move mountains!

Thank you for your prayers for transition (me, my family, my host family…), for financial needs, packing, visa preparation, peace, good goodbyes, and all the details to be met.


Let me know how I can be praying for you as well- relationships go both ways, and I’d like to know how you’re doing and how I can be supporting you as well!




  • Since you’re about to be out of country, what is the best way to contact you?
    • Great question! After about 1pm on January 9th, my US number will likely no longer receive messages or calls. If you’d like to reach me, the best ways would be through Facebook messages, Whatsapp, or plain old email. After I start to get settled, I will see about getting some information/directions and setting up a PO box, for those of you who (like me) enjoy old fashioned snail mail :)
  • Will we continue to receive updates as you are headed out?
    • Yes! I will continue to make my monthly blog posts, and soon, I will be setting up a newsletter which will ideally be less wordy, more concise, and photo oriented.
  • I thought you said you were already fully funded?
    • I might have said this, but likely I meant to say I was fully committed- see above for explanation of how unforeseen complications may arise.
  • Are you still accepting monthly supporters as well?
    • Absolutely! It would be a continued blessing to continue to find new supporters who’d like to join my monthly team. See above for my explanation about the importance of having a “buffer” after reaching 100%
  • Are you coming back ever?
    • Yes! I will likely not return during my 2 year commitment unless for special occasions, so that I can be fully invested in my ministry and the people in Costa Rica, but I will be back at some point.
  • Are you allowed to have visitors?
    • Yes! Although I will not likely visit the US within my 2 year commitment, I am allowed to have family and friends visit me after a set time when I feel I have better adjusted to living abroad.
  • Any other questions?
    • Let me know if you have any other questions. I would be glad to hear from you and to try my best at answering.