"I will never give up on you, Eeyore..."


            Sometimes I find that God talks to me through comic strip ideas… He gives me these sweet, simple images of our relationship… interactions between us that help me understand His closeness, REALNESS, and connection with ME (and others.)

            Occasionally I’ll take the time to draw them out- I find they’re so beautiful, even if they’re just a simple blurry sketch- it’s the idea they represent that really counts. It feels good to draw them out on paper, let them out of my system, be able to look at them on physical paper and be reminded of what they mean each time I look at them- and maybe encourage someone else too, with the message they bring.

            Normally my drawings feature a small, faceless, silhouette of myself or others, but this time, I felt that Eeyore (yep, good old Eeyore) would be a good stand in. I want to include a picture of this comic strip here, so you can see it too.



    It might be a little hard to read, so I want to give you a quick synopsis of what’s happening. Moving left to right—Box 1: Eeyore, underneath his own personal raincloud, says, “Just can’t seem to shake this rain-cloud feeling, God…” Box 2: Features a beautiful dandelion, with God’s voice, “But look at this beautiful flower I made…” Box 3: The sun comes out and starts to dry up Eeyore’s rain cloud and he notices the flower. “Hey, what a beautiful flower!” he says with a smile on his face. Box 4: The raincloud returns and Eeyore says, “I just don’t think I can do this…” Box 5: A new flower, and God’s voice, “But look at THIS flower! I made it just for you!” Box 6: Eeyore, now wearing a birthday hat, smiling, says, “You are such a good father, and I don’t deserve your love… You are such a marvelous creator, and I am so LUCKY and so BLESSED…” But yet again, in Box 7: Eeyore is shrouded in rain and clouds, “But it sure seems to be really dark over here…” Finally in Box 8: The rain has cleared into a huge rainbow stretching across the sky. Zooming out, we see a tiny silhouette of Eeyore, sitting in a huge field of flowers. The sun is shining, and we see God’s words in the sky, “I will never give up on you, Eeyore.”

            I love that in the end, God is like, “I am the creator of the universe, I have limitless supplies, and if it takes all the rainbows and all the flowers in the whole world to remind you how special you are to me, I can make that happen.” No matter how many times, no matter how broken you may think you are.


            Since graduation, my life has felt like a roller coaster. One of my pastors prayed with me one Sunday, saying “God knows all the curves and twists of this roller coaster, and he’s buckled in next to you.” Recently, in this latest season of raising support (and other chaos of life), I have felt just like Eeyore. For some reason (spiritual warfare?) I have felt a physical rain cloud hovering over me each time I sit down at my computer to work on my support raising. Why? God has been so good to me over and over again. Even when my priorities have been split, moving out of my current “home” and into another, God has continually been working on my behalf and reminding me of that. Sometimes, I’ll go through a really hard week, and be disappointed in myself and anything else that I can be, but then someone out of the blue calls me and says they want to partner with me, or tells me they want to pray with me. But then I go back to trying to work, and feel that raincloud above my head. After battling the raincloud another week, God shows me again, here is a surprise- some other blessing, someone else to support you. I think the best part about it, though, is that God shows me over and over again that he has not, is not currently, and will not ever give up on me. (Just like Eeyore.) (Cont'd in updates :))


Some important updates:

(Since I’m still working to setup my newsletter, I wanted to add some updates here!)

  • I’m at 90% of commitments y’all!!- Support Raising is going so great, and it’s amazing to see God’s provision, and your response to His movement. I started out in June needing to raise $2,626 of monthly support, now on September 24th I need only $238 more of monthly support to reach 100% of my goal!
  • Training is just around the corner!- Thanks to all your faithful support, I was able to sign up for training just before the spots filled up. I will be in North Carolina, starting this Saturday, the 28th of September until November, 16th. While I am there, I will be surrounded by around 30 or 40 other missionaries who are also training to go to other countries around the world. I will receive training on how to further my own spiritual walk (Spiritual Formation), how to create meaningful relationships and interactions in cross cultural settings (Cross Cultural Ministry), and finally good techniques in learning new languages (Second Language Acquisition.)
  • January is not too far either!- After I get to 90% of support in my account, I can start looking at plane tickets to San Jose! I’ve been talking with my team, and we decided together that it would be a good idea, to wait until January to launch to Costa Rica. They want me to be able to spend one last Christmas with my family since I will likely not be able to return (depending on situation) until after my 2 year commitment has passed. We all agreed it would be best for me to come in January, for the new year and a fresh start for this next chapter.


*If you’ve made a commitment to partner with me, but have not yet had the chance to fill out the form, please feel free to click on my name to the right, which will bring you to my home page, and a button that says, “Support My Ministry.”



            I am so thankful for this entire support raising experience, everything I’ve learned, and all the relationships I’ve been able to grow because of these interactions. After going through this process, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love how we see our teamwork. I can’t change the world on my own. It’s all of us working as one, to change the world together. As I sit here, and see these results, I feel like it’s God saying, “I will never give up on you, Rosie.”


***Still receiving my updates? Let me know! Please shoot me a quick text, email, or Facebook message. I would be encouraged to hear what you think, and I want to be sure this is still a good way to communicate! Thanks abunch! –Rosie :)