Walking Through a Bendy House

     When I was just a wee little girl, living with the fam. in a small town near Seattle, Washington, one of my favorite things to do was go to the Seattle Science Center. What a blast it was, every time! They had the coolest, most educational, fun things to mess around in! You could learn about shapes, leverage, balance, momentum, weather, sea life, outer space, butterflies, dinosaurs, zippers, I don’t even know! You name it, and they probably had some giant interactive exhibit that you could have fun with and learn something new at the same time.

     Some of the exhibits were a little trippy though! One that I remember fairly well is completely random. I’m calling it, “the bendy house.” It was this regular sized hallway, with a flat floor and railings on either side of the walking space. But just past the railings, instead of regular walls, there were little, fake, shops, so it looked like you were walking down a street in a little old time-y town. But here’s the twist: the little shops on both sides of the walk way were slanted. It was some sort of an optical illusion that made it appear like you should be walking UP A HILL. But the ground was flat. But you didn’t know that unless you were staring right at the ground. Boy, have you ever laughed, at a bunch of little kids and their parents stumbling down a regular hallway, taking giant dinosaur steps and losing their balance on a flat walk way. You would if you saw this exhibit.

     As my “estimated launch date” is getting closer, I’m starting to get nervous. I’ve traveled before. I’ve even been to Costa Rica before! And something I would definitely say is that, “in a new country, everything is just a little different.” Even though it’s just another place, it’s all different! The air is different, the sun, the moon, the stars, are different. There’s still a sunset, but it’s just a little different. My stomach feels just a little different. I might feel just a little more uncertain, taking each step just a little more carefully. Just like being in that bendy house?

     So, after a really rough past couple of weeks, I’m starting to worry about the “bendy house” future I signed up for. (I’m not invincible…) And where does my worry come from? I started listening to a lot of lies from the enemy. “You’re not good enough. You’re not strong enough. You can’t do this. Nothing really matters anyways.”… So yeah, I guess you could say I’ve been recognizing my vulnerability and feeling a little weak. But that’s just regular old warfare… it’ll come.

     On Sunday, sitting in church, I almost laughed out loud when our pastor started speaking. “This week, we’re talking on intercession and the importance of interceding on behalf of others.” Some of you may know, I’ve been traveling all summer, and each church service I’ve been to since the beginning of June (no matter which church) has been focused on the power of prayer. (Not even kidding. God always has a way of getting things through my thick skull… *smh*)

     Okay, okay, God! So it’s just regular old warfare, and it’ll come, and we NEED TO PRAY! (I get it!!) I’ve had so many times where I’ve seen things happen because of prayer and I want to keep adding to that list![***As a side note: I love sharing stories and hearing others’ stories of how they’ve seen God move. It’s so encouraging and something we don’t do enough. I totally want to extend an invitation to each of you to reach out to me, ask about how I’ve seen God move, or share your own stories with myself or others. Maybe someone needs a little reminder that miracles still happen!]

     Here’s my challenge to YOU: I’ve been feeling convicted- realizing my need for prayer in my life. Let’s ALL step up, stay on the advance, intercede and fight for what we need to. We’re so blessed to have a caring God, who LISTENS TO US, and lets us change his mind- intercede on the behalf of others. Let’s not just let that go to waste. Let’s fight with that. Let’s fight for each other.

     You never know what someone may be going through. That’s why it’s so important to always treat others with kindness and patience. What’s that quote I’ve seen online? “Make sure you cover your friends in prayer, because many times, people are fighting battles they will never even share with you.” Let’s take care of each other. You may never even know when someone you care about might be walking through their own bendy house.