A Letter to My Former Self: Emily 0% Support

Hey there everyone. Sorry for not posting recently! I haven’t had a post in awhile so I figured I’d make another one now :) And for this post, it’ll be in the form as a letter to myself. Myself now, fully supported, to myself when I just started the support raising process.


Dear Emily at 0% support,


I know you’re worried about this whole support process, asking yourself questions such as: “how the heck am I going to raise this much money in this amount of time? What if I can’t raise it? Will I really even end up going? What will people think when I meet with them and ask them to join my support team?” Honestly, you’ll have even more thoughts, and the list can go on. You naturally like to be in your head a lot and over think. 


Even when I tell you that everything will be okay, you will still worry. I will say this though: God is going to be with you, through EVERY step of this whole process. He was and will ALWAYS be there for you, even when you can’t feel it.


From your very first appointment to the very end when you get your full support (yes, you will get there, so hold tight). And he’ll be there through all the ups and downs in between.. Oh man,  I will tell you now that there will be many tears and frustrations. There will be some days that you wish you could just skip the whole support raising process and be on the field already. When those times happen, take a step back and see how far God has brought you and rest in the fact that the Lord is good, sovereign, and with you always.


Despite this processing being quite the roller coaster, it’s definitely true that God is going to teach you SO much through it. He’s going to teach you to have a deeper trust and reliance on Him, He’s going to loosen your grip on money, and over time He will show you that support raising is a BLESSING to invite others to partner with you as I go overseas. Also, He is going to give you opportunities throughout this process evangelize to non-Christian friends by telling them about your ministry, re-connect with a lot of people, and make new connections as you’re still trying to adjust living back home in Seattle. 


And I know this is also weighing heavy on your heart: you miss your friends in San Diego very much. Honestly that feeling will not go away. These people were truly there for you and God blessed you with such a great community for those four years in college. And actually, spoiler alert, you’ll get to see a lot of them for a couple weeks to do some support raising. It’ll be short and sweet, and honestly quite tiring since you’re pretty introverted. But it’s going to be such a sweet reminder that you’re so loved and that God truly blessed you; He did this on purpose so you would have wonderful people to build you up and point you back to Christ, while also making beautiful memories that you will hold and cherish for many years. 


Though it’ll be sad when you leave, remember this: the same God that brought you such wonderful people into your life, is the same God who will be with you while back home in Seattle and while you’re overseas. This said, I can’t promise He will bring a similar community, but God has a good and perfect plan for you; even if things don’t align with your plan, know that He knows what he’s doing and He’s got it under control. I know I’ve already said this, but God is really going to be with you through every hardship you will face. Remember who your God is and remember what your identity is in Christ, who loves you more than you could ever imagine. 


With all this said, trust this process. It won’t be easy, but continue to trust in the Lord. He is going to show you and teach you so much. :)



Emily at 100% support