A Different Route


This upcoming January I will be moving across the world to East Asia!! It's super crazy to think that just a year ago I thought I would now be on my way to graduate school for speech therapy, since I one day want to become a speech language pathologist! But God has taken me on a much different route!

A bit about me: I graduated from SDSU with a bachelors of science in speech language and hearing sciences (SLHS) along with two minors in honors interdisciplinary studies and cultural proficiency! 

I was saved during my sophomore year of high school, but college was a time in my life that I grew a lot - especially in faith!! I constantly kept myself busy throughout college and I made so many friends that I miss dearly. Because of the many memories made and time spent here, SD will always have a special place in my heart.

Throughout my time in college I also had the blessing of traveling to many places, both within the U.S. and outside of the country! I even had the opportunity to visit Japan and Korea for the first time the summer after graduating. That was my second time in Asia and now I’ve been called to go back !!

As mentioned earlier, I graduated with a SLHS degree. Though I have not gotten into graduate school, I still get to use my degree overseas, which is such an amazing opportunity!! At the time I was heartbroken about not getting accepted to school and for awhile I felt stuck in a season of waiting and doubt. But I held strong to the truth that He is sovereign over everything and has plans that are way better than my own :))

If I had gotten into grad school, I would not have even thought about this amazing opportunity to go overseas for 2 years. Now a new journey is ahead of me and I can’t wait to see the ways that I will continue to grow in faith and see the ways that He will use me as a broken vessel. 

Thanks and I hope you come and join me on this journey through my blog! 

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