Finally Arrived

What to write? So much has happened in the last 3 weeks since I've been here! I'm so so thankful for all of you who have lifted me up in this process of transition. The Father has been faithful in giving me the strength I've needed to dig in and start acclimating to the city. And He has been so good to me in showing me that I'm not alone. 


Life has been filled with training and orientation to my job and role. While it is at times overwhelming, I've been so glad to stay occupied and have opportunities to get out in the city and meet (physically distanced) with coworkers and new found friends. The city is so beautiful in ways I didn't realize and even though it's in the U.S. I've found many cultural differences as well. From how steep and curvy the roads are, to the fact that a hoagie is the food of choice, to interesting driving rules that I'm trying to understand. Also, I'm deeply grieving the loss of Kwik Trip. Haha! For those who are not from WI, that is the beloved gas station that has nearly everything you need and is super clean and almost always friendly. You just have to experience it to understand. : ) 
My supervisors have been amazing at helping me understand the city and being available for any questions that come up. There are so many survival things that I used to never think about before and it's been helpful to have someone to ask "where do I find sourdough bread" or other similar things (yes, sourdough bread is a survival need in my book) Haha!

And the transition continues...
I do feel that I've been settling in, but it's this weird in between because I've been staying at an Air BnB since I moved and living out of boxes. But, it does feel more like home now. Taking the advice from a wise sage (aka, my sister), I set up a few things to make it feel more like home. That alone has helped a lot, but also getting my coffee making routine in place (some of you may know I love good coffee : ) ).
As of Wednesday, I am now approved for an apartment! Before moving, I was connected to a roommate through one of my coworkers and we got along really well after meeting in person a couple times, so we began the search for an apartment together. I'll be moving out of the Air BnB on August 1st and into the new apartment. I'm excited to move there as it will be good location to my coworkers and one the refugee families lives right down the road from the apartment, which is exciting! There are also several other refugee families in the direct neighborhood. 

As mentioned before, I was in the search for sourdough bread. My supervisors recommended that I go to this bakery called BreadWorks and I was not disappointed! I also got to spend time with some friends this week and we had a picnic by the fountain in a nearby park. One of my friends drove two hours to hang out! I felt very loved by her willingness to do this. 

I continue to seek the Father in my every day life and I look forward to see how He continues to lead me in this. I can already see how He will use me in the lives of the refugee families. I'm excited to begin going into the community more and using the little bits of language I have learned and be able to see bridges built just by that small act.

Until next time....