Work to be Done

"Anka is a six-year-old Roma girl, whose whimsical smile and toothless grin immediately win you over. But Anka is at a disadvantage- she does not attend preschool and will be starting first grade this fall. She doesn’t know how to hold a pencil; when asked to color, she produces a scribbled page. She only speaks Roma, unable to understand more than basic Bulgarian sentences.” Anka’s situation is not unique- many Roma families lack resources to send their children to preschool. But what if there was a play group Anka could attend, led by other Roma women, who could introduce her to Bulgarian, early educational songs, age-appropriate literature, and basic school routines? This idea is in the works: a place called Tulovo Play School. God is bringing together a place in the village center, a number of women willing to serve, as well as the resources to launch a pilot program in the coming weeks!

The play school is one of the many projects that the team in Bulgaria is working on. Apart from their investment in these children they are also reaching out to the youth in these communities as well. There have been many stories of joy and success as the Lord is working and moving. These young people are stepping up and striding forward in the ways that they can in their world. Roma people are heartbreakinly margnialized and looked down upon by their Bulgaria neighbors. All over these communities the story is the same, people lack opprotunity. I recently heard a quote: "Talent is universal, opprotunity is not." How true a statement? 

Through your prayers and support opprotunites can, and are, being created in these communities. This is just a snapshot of one area that I will have the privilge of working in. Your support is invalueable in the story of creating opprotunity for these children and youth!

“Won’t you pray as we reach children like Anka with a program that will be a game changer for their future? Please pray for the necessary resources to come together for this project, especially a place to meet!”

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