Active Resilience

As I enter my fifth week of support raising, I find myself struggling to stay motivated. This is a long and tough process so I must be consistently reminding myself to be patient and wait upon the Lord’s timing. On Sunday, my pastor was preaching on patience. His sermon hit me right between the eyes. He described patience as “active resilience.” Our patience and waiting upon the Lord is not sitting by and doing nothing. My pastor talked through a cycle that helps us learn patience. Memory leads us into reflection and our reflection leads us into this active resilience. Meaning, that by reflecting on our memories, on the past and what the Lord has done in our lives, we remember how the Lord has acted in our lives before. By knowing this we can rely upon the Lord and his timing, we can trust that he will act according to how he has in the past.

All throughout the Old Testament, when the Israelites strayed, they were reminded of how God had acted on their behalf in the past. They were taught to remember how the Lord had saved them. My professor for History of Christianity in college opened her first lecture with this concept. She challenged us with the question: are we good rememberers? These past several weeks have been showing me that I am not as good of a rememberer as I thought I was.

This has been a humbling process that the Lord has been using to call me to rely on him more and more with each day. I am reminded that God is the one who provides all of our resources and he is the one who will make this all happen. It is my job to do my part then let God work in his own timing while remembering how he has acted in the past.