First Steps

Watch the orange fade to yellow

Then blue, each foot a faintly

Darker hue as the sun drops

Down behind the peaks. You close your

Eyes and, listen, the Lord speaks.


His voice is but a whisper

The words are often strange

But we know his will is good

The path is dim, we cannot see.

And Yet We Trust.

            For several years, I have had the image of a series of stepping stones across a wide river in my mind. But the way ahead is shrouded in fog, and usually I can’t see the next stone on the path. I’ve realized that this is an image for my journey with the Lord over these past several years. Time and again, as I transition through seasons, the Lord asks me to step out in faith, to trust in his plan even though I cannot see it yet, even though the next stone I will be stepping onto is hidden to me.

            This season, the Lord has asked me to take another huge step of faith. I have accepted a position to serve with a ministry in Bulgaria for the next two years! I am going with GoCorps and One Collective to join up with a long term team that has been in country for many years. This is a thrilling opportunity! I will be working with youth in Bulgaria, as well as investing my time in the other ministries that the team is involved in.

            I’ve been at GoWeek this past week going through training and getting to meet the other Goers who will be launching into this season alongside me. These amazing men and women of faith will going all across the globe to serve the Lord in countless ways and many countries. I have been so blessed to spend the week getting to know them and learn alongside them. We’ve laughed a lot, worshiped together, and been able to share our stories. I am sad to leave them but so excited to see how God will work through them, and me over these next several months and years. I can’t begin to imagine all the lives we may touch, and how different we will be at the end of two years.

            During this time I would love to have your support in the form of prayers as I raise support and prepared to leave. Stay tuned to my blog for prayer and life updates.