Better Than Having Superpowers

Here’s a train of thought that runs through my mind often during the era of covid-19: What’s the one thing that has a hold over every single person in the world more than anything else?  Death.  The fear of dying.  Mankind’s single greatest adversary.  What if there was a way to loosen the hold it had over us?  In my life right now, the one thing that worries me more than anything else is when I have serious problems with my own health.  Nothing else has really ever given me anxiety before… but going through unanswered questions about frightening symptoms can really shake me up.  Having an education in the medical field, my mind wanders trying to self-diagnose, and I always go to the worst possibility.  The one and only thing that can release me from the hold of fear, is the presence and promises of God.  God commands his people so many times to “fear not” because He is with us.  Through prayer and Biblically re-centering my view of life and death, my heart slows down, I’m able to breathe a little deeper, and my worry goes away.  Of course, I’m far from perfect, and worry finds its way back into my life, but God is always there, waiting to give peace.   If we think back to the apostles in the early church, what fear did they show in death after their faith in Christ had been tested and found worthy?  Not much.  We read about the risks taken, and the feats accomplished; their running headlong into persecution and certain death.  When the early church was exploding during the reign of the tyrant Roman emperor Nero, Christians would sing praises to God while they were fed to lions in the arenas.  When there were deadly outbreaks of disease, Christians were the ones in the streets, taking care of the sick when their own families had left them to die for fear of being infected themselves.  And when those Christians got sick themselves and died, the people who witnessed their sacrifice could only ask what on earth could make someone disregard death in such a way, leading to more and more hearing the name of Jesus and believing.  The sacrificial feats of God’s people throughout history are nothing short of astounding.  But remember, they were just people!  Nothing but the full assurance of salvation, and a life in heaven far better than this short existence could empower people to disregard death in such a way.  Truly, as the Apostle Paul wrote, “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  Of course, easier said than done.  How in the world can we ever reach such a level of selflessness and assurance of Faith?  Only through the divine working of God in our hearts, through the Holy Spirit, and by saturating our lives in his Word and promises in the Bible.  To quote Tozier, God is still, “…the greatest mystery the world has ever known.”  To truly have broken the hold of death on our actions, decisions, and worries: that is truly a Super-power far greater than any Marvel or D.C. superhero has ever had.