Stuck in the Hallway

I can safely say that the past three weeks have been some of the most frustrating that I can remember. Maybe that’s not saying much, I’m not sure. I’m terrible at being patient, and I really despise feeling useless, like I’m not fulfilling some important purpose.

Visa trouble is one of those things you hear about and say, “Aw shoot, bummer dude,” but figure it could never happen to you… until it does. What I’m learning from others in the world of missions is that it’s not uncommon to have delays getting a visa, or even to get denied on the first try. But, I don’t like getting denied, so I’m still a little sour.

I could philosophize about the many things that I think God may be trying to teach me in this time of waiting, but that would take too long. However, I will dig into one idea. I have learned that I’m not good at being flexible. I took God’s plan for the next phase of my life, got excited about it, and made it my plan. Then, when my plan (what I still thought was God’s plan) went through a little hiccup in the timeline, it took me a long while to accept it; as should someone who has claimed to have released control over the trajectory of his life.

Today, I was given some wise words from a long-time missionary I met. He reminded me that all we can do is wait, pray, and trust that God has things in control. In the meantime, get out and serve; we can always stay busy, even while we’re waiting. Yet again, this brought me to realize just how hyper-focused I’ve been on the single task of deploying to the field, and that I’ve been almost blind to the people around me that I could be serving.

So, I’ve learned. Here is my current important purpose: to serve well while I am stuck at home, even if I itch to move on to the next stage of my life.  That's what's new with me!