Shot Across the Ocean


Shot across the ocean.  That's what I feel is going to happen to me; but not against my wish.  God has made it abundantly clear in just the last 3 months that he has much work for me to do in Italy.  I have great purpose.  My heart has been taken captive by the plight of young Italians, especially those on the island of Sicily, where I will be living.  They have given up on any existence of God.  They are hopeless and cynical about the future.  And that's why I must be a part of bringing the Light to them.  It all started with a simple prayer, "God, what do you have for me?"  My plans to become a Physical Therapist have been delayed and potentially replaced by the much greated call that the Lord has directed me towards.  In Messina, Sicily, I will be part of a church-planting team that is using sports as a strategic way to share the Gospel with young Italians.  This is where my passions for the game of baseball and for sharing the Good News collide.  What could be more worthy of my time?  Certainly gaining wealth and status at home cannot fulfill me as much as experiencing the Lord work through me.  This is what has become clear to me.

How did my motives change so drastically?  It's funny to look back to when I first came to college.  I was consumed with climbing the social ladder.  To become the best athlete on campus.  To know everyone, but not to change their lives.  Only so that I could be known by everyone, and my name would be made great.  And I did a pretty good job, but it didn't satisfy me.  Now I see that true purpose is to invest in things that last forever.  I am now in the business of storing up treasure in heaven, and I hope to stay open for a while.  I can't wait to be used by God to do great things.  As Hudson Taylor once said, "Who would not willingly engage in such noble work, and consider it the highest honour on earth to be called to do it?"  As our Lord Jesus commanded, pray to the Lord of the harvest that he would send out more laborers, for the harvest is plentiful.