False Peaks and Rebounds

     One of my family’s favorite vacation spots is a small town named Cave Creek near Phoenix, Arizona. If you’ve never been to the Southwest US it’s a hot, aired, dry climate. Some areas like Sedona have beautiful rock formations, cliffs, valleys, and gorgeous desert hiking trails. Cave Creek has one small mountain, Black Mountain.

     Each time my family visits Cave Creek my Dad and I hike to the top of Black Mountain. The entire trek, from bottom to top and back again, takes about a few hours. At times though, the journey can become quite discouraging.

      I’ve never hiked a mountain with more false peaks than Black Mountain. At least three different times on the trail we approached what looked like the top of the mountain and thought “Yes! We’ve almost made it,” only to discover that the mountain still stretched further up beyond what we can see. We knew the summit was up there, but as we continued to reach false peaks we wondered how far we ACTUALLY  were from the top.

      Life can feel a lot hiking up Black Mountain sometimes. I know my support raising season did. About four months after my original deadline I reached my financial goal. The only thing standing between me and my placement was my visa. 

      Unfortunately getting a visa for France wasn’t easy. I got denied two different times before I finally was approved. If you're wondering why this is blog post is a few months after my last entry, it’s because I wanted to avoid discouraging any readers. International work, service, and ministry all have their challenges.

     Now you might ask yourself... “During these ‘false peaks’ what kept you going, Steven?”

      Just like I knew Black Mountain had a summit up there somewhere, God promises us a bright future. There is plenty of scripture that assures us of His good plans. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself! I’m not going to give you a cookie-cutter Bible verse though. Go read the Bible. There’s a lot of good stuff in there. 

     So where am I now? I’m writing this post on my first leg flight to France. I might be tired, weary, and literally a hot viral mess because I could a bad cold, but I’m still standing. God is good. He is faithful. This is my rebound; I’m a “Goer,” and today I go...