A Different Kind of Friendsgiving

Hey, Friends!

A fun event we did before Thanksgiving was my roomate and I hosted a women's dinner in our apartment. We invited several women from the English class and asked them to make their favorite food from their country to share with everyone. We also had several women from a local church come and build friendships. All the women had a lot of fun sharing the food they cooked and some of them brought their kids who added a lot of humor to the evening. It was fun to think of the night as a friendsgiving even though my roommate and I didn't initially think of it that way. With the combination of amazing food and good company, it made for a great space to connect with our friends more outside of English class and feel thankful to God for placing them in our lives. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. In the midst of the business that comes with this time, may we continually remember what God has done in our lives and what He's currently doing now, especially as we celebrate the coming of Jesus.