Sowing Seeds

Hey, friends!

A highlight from this month was I had an opportunity to share a Bible story with a Rohingya friend while we were looking at her garden. This friend moved to a house a few months ago, and one of the things she's extremely proud of is her garden. As we looked at the many vegetables and flowers she had planted, I shared with her how my mom had a garden at her house. My friend was really excited and said how her mom and grandma used to have gardens too. I then told her how gardens remind me of a story of a farmer who sowed seeds and some of the seeds fell on different types of ground. This opened up the opportunity to share with my friend the story of the sower and what happened when his seeds fell on a path, rocky ground, thorny ground, and finally good soil (Matthew 13:3-8). As I shared this story, I could see my friend was following and understanding the story. At the end when I said how the seeds in good soil grew into many plants, my friend happily pointed to her plants and said, "Just like these!" Please pray for this friend and ask Jesus to continue planting seeds of the gospel in her life.