Final Transition

  The Transition 
The transition into the new position has finally been completed! I am pretty excited and also a little nervous! As of this week, my official ministry role has been handed over in its fullness to me!  The Music Venue part of Montázs Art Café is now completely my responsibility! I am praying fervently that God would help me to reach young musicians here in the city and make good connections with them, serve them, care for them, steward their experience well and honour their desire to be professional musicians as I share truth with them. Please pray with me in this! I know that in many of their hearts, their true motivation is to achieve fame or fortune, but I know that deep down what they are really seeking is a sense of purpose. I am praying and asking God to guide me as I seek new ways to exemplify the sense of purpose and fulfilment of joy that is only found in Christ to a group of people desperately in need of hope. For those lost in the pursuit of earthly glory, admiration, celebrity, popularity, and hedonism I pray that in their struggle to find value in themselves beyond their performance, that the holy spirit would make himself attractive to them!   
Please keep praying that I can see clearly which decisions will help to make Montázs a place in which these musicians can see that we are different then other venues. That we have no need or desire to take advantage of them and that we carry a joy and a sense of purpose in simply serving them out of Christs overflowing love! Pray that they would find this place to be different from any other music venue that they play at. Pray that we could continue to compensate them fairly and generously give of our time to honour their hard work and preparation for each concert. Finally, but most importantly please keep praying that Christ would reveal himself to them and cause them to see that he is the reason for life, purpose, community, and music!
Just this morning as I was coming into the Café to write this letter, I ran into one of the young singer/songwriters, Lukacs, who played at the Café two weeks ago. We had a conversation on the metro and he confided in me that he was becoming more and more frustrated and saddened by how increasingly superficial and vein the music world is becoming! I can totally understand how he feels and why he feels that way! He is so weary of the party culture and the pressure to participate in a destructive lifestyle in order to keep from being too “boring” and irrelevant”. I am hoping that this conversation can continue and I can keep building that relationship toward a way to express a passion and love for music that! We are going to grab a cup of coffee and talk later next week!
                                  Worship at Agora Corvin Church
I am also loving the blessing of being apart of Agora Corvin church and serving on the worship team! It is such a blessing to have the musical outlet for myself and to be used by God in this way! God is doing mighty work with this little church! This month we have been joined by a new member and we are really excited that more and more people are coming every Sunday! God is so good!
Amine passed his exams which will allow him to stay and study engineering here in Hungary! I am so deeply grateful for this! Our friendship has been growing and I am really excited that I will be allowed the privilege of continuing to pour into his life! He is very relieved! This last month has been so hard for him because even with his looming exams he has also been partaking in the Muslim tradition of Ramadan during which he must fast during the day (between sun up and sun down) for the entire month. This was exhausting and demoralizing for him during the stress of exam preparation. We have been talking about what that means and why Christians don’t do it. I have been praying that the difficulty of this last month has been causing him to think deeply about the value of religious legalism vs the undue hardship of it. Please pray with me for him. I will meet with Him again after Ramadan is over and I am praying that God would allow us to revisit this topic with out any attack or resistance from the enemy!  
                              Some Honest Struggles
The way that God is choosing to grow me the most is in the matter of working well with the team! Over the last few months there have been some disagreements on how things need to work and some miscommunications. For me the most challenging part of being here is learning how to work humbly and practically with the team on the ground! I know that these challenges that God is putting in front of me are there to grow me and form me into the image of himself every day! Part of learning how to accept that is to realize that there are some expectations that I didn’t realize that I had, which stem from my assumption that our shared nationality implies share way of thinking and working. I am learning that in many ways I am just as different from the Reach Global team here as I am from the Hungarians and that is not only ok, it is a very good thing because Gods infinite creativity in forming the uniqueness of different cultures and people doesn’t simply start and end with nationality or location. There are always going to be new ways to sacrifice to love people who are different from myself no matter how far or even how close our geographical roots are. I am learning that there are parts of myself that need to change to become more like Christ! I’m also learning that there are parts of myself that don’t need to change but I can work to keep them from causing friction with the team for the sake of unity! Continue to pray that God would heal any hurts that come as part of this process and flood this team with grace, forgiveness and humility! Also pray that God would continue to use this team and our differences to refine us in the fire and press in closer to Him!
                              As I embark into the final stage of full time ministry, please Pray for me every chance that you can! I know that he is already answering your prayers over here so THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS!!! Please, please, please continue pray and even double down! This city and myself so deeply and desperately need your prayers!
ALSO PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you have any questions about what is going on here, what I am up to, the team, life my prayer life, my scripture reading, what I am learning about and struggling with, or anything!!! I want to know what is important for you to know!!