Spring is Just around the Corner

What's been happening 

                                  Hello insanely amazing support team!

        Wow the past month has been amazing! So many changes are happening! I am so grateful and excited to be in the midst of some amazing work that God is doing! Recently I have finished the official period of language learning and cultural acquisition! I still feel as though I am not fully ready but it is possible that I’ll never really feel that way! I continue to practice and learn more Hungarian daily and I feel deeply convicted that it is a necessary way to continue to pursue ministry here! However the official class time has ended and I am beginning the transition process into full time ministry. We have recently contracted a local band promoter/manager to work along side Cas and I for two months. We will be reinvesting some of our new growth into the Café’s music venue! One of our long term goals is to see an increase in people attending the Café community as regular customers and event attendees. Our prayer, along side many other people involved in café ministry around Europe, is that the more people come to our building the greater the impact we will have on this part of this city.

Please continue praying earnestly for my dear friend A! This month he visited a college bible study and church for the first time. We sat and talked for several hours about his thoughts! He was struck at how deeply involved our community is in one another’s lives! He has many difficult but good questions. We are walking through them one by one and it is a sincere joy of mine to be part of the beginning of what could be his discipleship. He and I have not spoken directly about the impact that a “change of religion” would have on his life. This is a very sensitive subject for most people from an Arabic background. Its more then likely that he is facing the notion of putting his family, childhood friendships and even his life at risk. I can sense that this is a very significant hurdle for him. We are praying for his soul with all our hearts!

Monday evenings now have 10 unsaved people that are coming regularly to study the bible and learn about it! Saturday mornings now have 12 people that are coming to learn Hungarian and every week we sing worship songs and talk about gospel related things in Hungarian!

Keep praying for the café as well! In the past few months we have lost two employees who felt called to move on to more opportunities! Praise God! Both of them were sound believers with solid church communities and I think it was a positive decision over all. However, now we are in a unique position to be bringing on at least two new café employees. This will certainly change the café dynamic but hopefully it will lead to even more staff and even more ability to grow and multiply disciples with the café as a tool to do that!

This most recent monday evening only those of us who are believers could meet because all of the students were preparing for some fairly intensive testing. We just met and prayed for every person involved and everything that God is doing in that little group. It was so refreshing just to take an entire evening and pray together. As we were walking back we were talking about all of our friends in Hungary and out of Hungary who are also in ministry of people with a middle eastern background. One girl came up in conversation and A said “Hey, she has some good news!” Immediately An responded jokingly, “what’s his name?” all of us were laughing historically but while catching his breath A said “Actually she is getting married! And her fiancé is a missionary in Chad! Man she is so lucky, she gets to go to Chad! Its one of the countries with the most unreached people groups.”
Immediately I was struck with the impact of what A said. His voice was so genuine and enthusiastic for his friend, like a child on Christmas morning. When A said “Man she’s so lucky she gets to go to Chad.” He said it the same way that you hear people talk about the dreams that they have for the exact thing that they want, or the perfect lifestyle in their imagination. Yet Chad is one of the poorest most difficult places on the earth to live. I was struck by how I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by people who care only for one thing. That the truth be made known to the nations. Praise God.
Today I am going to have attend Evangelism training seminar specifically for people of middle eastern background! I am so excited to be able to learn more about this! 
Please keep praying for all of these things! Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support!

Quick note: All of the names have been changed or abbreviated for security purposes. 

Thank you!! 
Let us Sing His praise,