Through Dreams and Visions

Over the last few months my teammates and I have been praying that our friends would have dreams and visions about Jesus, and one night after praying together as a team He gave me a dream too:

I wandered through a dark, terrible building. People around me were oblivious to the heaviness around them, but I sensed that something was wrong. They rushed by me, unsmiling, trying to take care of what they needed to do and ignoring everyone else around them. Something urged me to go up to the very top floor. Slowly I made my way to the top. No one else was going up to this floor, and as I walked in I saw why. At the top of the stairs I found something infinitely more terrible than the heaviness below. A large, open room lay before me. There were dead bodies piled off to the side along each wall. In the middle of the room, walking around aimlessly with glazed eyes or sitting silently at tables, were about 40 people. Somehow I knew they were in a war, and were hiding in this place and hoping to avoid being killed. They were hopeless, angry, and bitter. 

As I walked into the room they glanced at me and I sensed that they hated me, but something pushed me to walk into the room even though I knew it wasn’t safe. As I walked about the room, people suddenly started to get up and shout. I thought they were going to attack me, but then I saw that they had grabbed a little boy. They were going to kill him because he had tried to steal food. He was grotesquely thin and malnourished. I realized that all of the bodies in the room were there because they had been killed by the corrupt leaders in that very room. I snuck through the angry mob, grabbed the boy, and carried him out, running down the stairs and away from the death and destruction.

I rushed through the building, found my husband, and in desperation I told him we needed to adopt this little boy because he had no home or family... and I loved him. 

I woke up, knowing it was from the Lord. As I prayed about what it all meant, this is what God revealed to me: 

The room upstairs represented a country I'm very connected to--a country full of death, destruction and famine. Innocents are being killed day after day because of civil war and corrupt leaders. 

But He has rescued a remnant out of this country. The little boy represents those whom God has carried out to safety. Yet this safety is not just physical safety from famine or violence, it is a spiritual safety. He has called out a few people to be adopted into His family, and I get to be a part of the adoption process. They are becoming my family. He rescued them from death and darkness and is bringing them into the light. 

In this dream I felt God's sadness and agony over the countless innocents being killed in this country. The pain in my heart and longing for their eyes to be opened to His truth is nothing compared to His agonizing for them. I can feel Him agonizing and weeping with me. As He hung on that cross, it was for them. He hung on that cross for my friends. He aches over the destruction and death infinitely more deeply than I ever could. Those dead bodies piled in the room in my dream break His heart and kindle His anger towards the ones who killed them--towards the corrupt leaders that ignore the cries of dying innocents. If I think my love and empathy is strong, it is nothing compared to how He feels.

Yet there is hope. I feel a renewed assurance of God's goodness, His love, and His justice. These women I have been investing countless hours into over the last couple years are being brought into God's family, and though the adoption process is long, difficult, and full of ups and downs, they will be my sisters in Christ one day.