Entirely Certain I am Supposed to Go...

Hey there, 

I just finished my first week of training for my upcoming move to the mission field. It was a sweet time of meeting other missionaries who are, like myself, recent grads preparing to head out all over the world to do some pretty amazing things. It also involved great encouragement, lots of fun, and plenty of useful and needed information. But, more than just information, this week provided confirmation. 

Sometimes I get so caught up in how thrilled I am to be moving to  be a missionary, that once I step back and consider this plan apart from my excitement, I begin to wonder if I am really called to go or if I am just choosing to because its what I want to do and is what I have spent my whole life pursuing. . .  Luckily, this week I was surrounded by a community of people who gently and passionately reminded me of the simple truths, the big purposes, and the need― and in so doing they themselves were the confirmation I was hoping for. 

So here’s the thing. . . . In 2018 I am moving to Spain to be a missionary. I am going there to help in a hospitality ministry* where I will get to serve people who have come to the end of a physical journey, and often also a spiritual one. I am moving there for 2 years to offer hope to people from all over the world who have been living without it. . . and I am so completely excited to go― and am so entirely certain I am supposed to.

To my new friends― thanks for the encouragement, reminders, and confirmation. 

May you all be surrounded by a community that reminds you of things you’ve forgotten,

Marina  E. Roy

* Stay tuned for my next post where I will actually explain more of what I will be doing in Spain because I do realize that my description herein was quite vague/ hardly existent.